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February 2017



5 Cubs Reporters to Follow if You Aren’t Already

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Spring training has finally begun! We’re just a few days in now, so not a lot has happened yet, but it is glorious to see my Twitter timeline filled with pictures of batting practice, autograph signings, and the usual hijnks that have been a staple since Joe Maddon took over as manager of the club.

This weekend, I was trying to decide what I should write for my column this week, and since we’re not yet knee-deep in spring break news, I thought now would be an appropriate time to recommend some people you should be keeping track of on social media, but particularly Twitter, when it comes to the latest Cubs news and notes.

A significant part of my day job is spent on social media, especially Twitter, so I follow a healthy lineup of Cubs reporters (not all of which are listed below) to make sure I’m a well-informed Cubs fan.

Want to be a well-informed Cubs fan yourself?

Here are five Cubs reporters you should follow if you aren’t already:

1. Jesse Rogers (@ESPNChiCubs)—ESPN

Jesse is by far my favorite Cubs reporter to follow because he seems to have the most personality of the bunch, and he’s the most likely to interact with fans. The others are great, but Jesse is the best at Twitter.

He always seems to have a scoop on the best conversations and regularly streams live video from batting practice or interviews on Periscope.

He’s a lot of fun and always does a great job of interacting with fans during games and throughout the season, even when fans can be trolls at times.

Also, if you like listening to the radio, he regularly joins some of the shows on ESPN 1000.

2. Carrie Muskat (@CarrieMuskat)—MLB/

Carrie is my second favorite Cubs reporter to follow on Twitter. The only thing Jesse has going for himself over Carrie is that he is a bit more interactive.

Carrie gets great shots (as seen below) and is up close with the players just like Jesse does, but she doesn’t interact with the fans or stream stuff on Periscope like Jesse does.

I really enjoy following Carrie. Be sure to follow her if you aren’t already.

3. Patrick Mooney (@CSNMooney)—CSN Chicago

I have followed Jesse and Carrie for a number of years, I think, but I just started following these last three guys in the past couple of years.

Patrick is at Comcast SportsNet Chicago.

I still don’t really understand why a television and internet service provider needs to have its own sports media outlets, but Patrick’s coverage of the Cubs is great.

You probably recognize Patrick from TV, as Len and Jim have him on the telecast when it’s on Comcast SportsNet.

4. Mark Gonzales (@MDGonzales)—Chicago Tribune

Mark writes for the Tribune and cranks out content like just about no one I’ve ever seen.

I was reading up on some early spring training news last week through the Feedly app on my phone and I used up my free monthly Tribune articles in about 30 minutes reading all of Mark’s most recent stuff.

He’s great, but after your free articles for the month, his writing is behind the paywall at the Tribune. I’m not against newspaper paywalls, but I’m not a Chicagoan, so I’m not going to subscribe just for Mark (sorry man).

5. Gordon Wittenmyer (@GDubCub)—Chicago Sun-Times

I enjoy following Gordon on Twitter for the same reasons I enjoy following Mark: his stuff is great and there is a lot of it.

He does a lot of retweeting of news from around the league, which isn’t the case with some of these other folks. That is either a positive or a negative depending on your preference. I’d prefer my Cubs reporters to only report on Cubs stuff so I can get my other baseball reporting elsewhere, but that’s just my preference.

I hope this has been helpful for you. I follow plenty of other Cubs (and general baseball) reporters on Twitter, so if you’d like more recommendations, let me know.

Who do you follow to keep up with the Cubs, and on what platforms? Comment with any other people you would suggesting following on social media with Cubs news.

And, of course, follow @VFTB to keep up with all that goes on here!

  • Jack F

    And don’t forget PAUL SULLIVAN.

    Paul Sullivan is the Chicago Tribune’s baseball writer, covering the Cubs, White Sox and national news.

  • cap’n realist

    Carrie Muskat is the best. I just love the mail bag. My favorite letter ever was when she was asked if the Cubs could use a 46 year old Optometrist that can rake off Randy’s machine. She answered that the Cubs had other more pressing needs at that time. In all seriousness, last year in Anaheim, the day before the opener, she took a couple minutes and chatted up my 8 year old daughter before the game, since none of the players were signing autographs pre-game, and she could see how visibly upset my daughter was about it. She actually took the time to explain to her that the players were just extra busy with it being the day before the opener. Points to her for being kind to an 8 year old fan and a 46 year old dreamer with a phoropter.

    • JTBarrett16

      My favorite mailbag question was when Raker D asked about Soriano playing 3B

    • Adam Peters

      I LOVED when she used a whole column to defend Dusty’s abhorrent playing of Neifi in ’04 (or was it ’05?)

      • That comment sat two hours? CAPS must be doing cold calls or something.

  • Doug S.

    Finally, baseball today – Arizona against the mighty Antelopes from Grand Canyon U.

  • Doc Raker

    I just follow VFTB. I don’t need my phone barking at me every time someone post a picture of batting practice.

    • Jerry in Wisconsin

      Doc, we don’t believe you, we know that you cannot get enough of every nuance of every detail on what Schwarbs is up to. 83 jacks in 2017!!!

      • Doc Raker

        I have a Schwarbs Cam feed into my office waiting room but not my phone.
        Check it out on
        Check out my hours – no appointments during any World Series game involving the Chicago Cubs
        83 jacks in 2017

    • Amen to that.

    • chrismartin17

      Do you even fan?

      lol jk.

      • Doc Raker

        How does one fan?

      • Seymour Butts

        I’m fairly certain I have seen you do it many times.

  • Buddy

    Isn’t Twitter that model / actress from “Blues Brothers”? She was supposed to meet Elwood if her date didn’t work out.

    • Doc Raker

      Get out, get out without your 4 fried chickens , without your dry white toast please and without Mad Guitar Murphy