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February 2017



What comes next?

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The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions.

This is not a misprint. This is not a promotional gimmick to get me to cry and pre-order a video game.

I don’t know about you, but I like reading that as many times as I can. It defies reality. If it wasn’t for the World Series Blu-Ray sitting on my shelf, I wouldn’t truly believe it happened. I have not been able to watch it, in fear the post rain-delay magic was some bizarre fever dream.

After an offseason of many Cub Christmas gifts, World Series trophy visits, and framing of tickets and newspapers, we have arrived to Spring Training. A Spring Training that launches the Cubs first title defense season since 1908. When the coverage begins, and I see a nauseating amount of coverage on  Jason Heyward’s new swing, baseball season will officially here.

In preparing for this season, I have a hard time not thinking of the second most popular ticket in Chicago, Hamilton. Hamilton is a creative told story of the birth of our nation and the journey of Alexander Hamilton ( I highly recommend checking it out.) After the Revolutionary War is won, the King of England asks the audience – “What come’s next?”

As a fan base, many of us have dreamed of the Cubs reaching the pinnacle of the baseball world, but never really thought of what happens after the party stops ( based on the 2017 Wrigley Promotional Schedule, it might not be done yet).

With one the largest weights off the shoulders of Cub Nation, it is hard to emotionally prepare for how we should act as fans. We have survived for years under the misery-filled fraternity of collapse. We wore’69, ’84, and ’03 like badges of honor. Stories of how we would react to this moment in time were previously drunken ramblings right before closing time at your favorite watering hole.

Similar to our friends in Hamilton who were  young, scrappy and hungry, we are entering a new chapter of our fandom. With history behind us, this front office is looking to bring a winning culture to this team. Could this team be the first Cubs team since the 1906-1908 Cubs to make the playoffs 3 years in a row? Could they be the first team too repeat since the 2000 Yankees?

Love-able losers no more, we are here to stay. Theo Epstein and crew have worked hard to create a culture of sustained success for the fans to enjoy for many years. With a young core of exciting players, it is easy to see that their dream is now a reality. And why not us? Why would we sell ourselves short? Is it finally our turn to have what the Cardinals and the Yankees have had? Like the America described in Hamilton, the Cubs organization that has been built under Epstein’s regime is truly remarkable. Our team is young, scrappy and hungry and they are not giving away their shot. And while they re-write the story of a hungry franchise on the field, it is time for us to sit back and enjoy it. We have definitely earned it.

  • Sherm

    I was JUST wondering what Broadway musicals were the most appropriate to tie in to this baseball season, but you beat me to it. Last year, I’d say, it was “Rent” (the story of Aroldis Chapman’s tenure as a Cub.) The year before that was “Jersey Boys” (losing to the Mets) and before that it was Les Miserables…year after year after year…

    I could go on. Okay, fine. I will. How about “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Playoffs?” starring Dusty Baker. Or “Little Shop of Horrors” starring the 1970’s? “Beauty and the Beasts” starring Cindy Sandberg? “Hairspray” – the Jim Edmonds story?


    You mention “young, scrappy and hungry” and there is no question that this team is young and scrappy (for the most part) and we can only hope that they are hungry. Some get complacent upon reaching the top, and some don’t – let’s hope Joe Maddon (The Wiz?) can keep them hungry for more. This team should be competitive (hopefully forever) but at LEAST the next 6 to ten years. If that can include more World Series championships? That would be just fine.

    What comes next? That’s the beauty of life and the beauty of sports. We never really know. But we are going to find out real soon.

    PLAY BALL!!!!

    • Doc Raker

      You never disappoint Sherm. What comes next? 83 Jacks and lot’s of wins for our World Series Champion Chicago Cubs

    • Grease starring Addison Russell.. dude loses his bat more than anyone I’ve ever seen.
      Waiting for Godot starring baseball season as Godot and us as the bums.

      • Sherm

        How about Pete Rose starring in “The Lyin’ King”

      • Eddie Von White

        Co-starring Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

      • JTBarrett16

        With Sammy Sosa in a supporting role

      • Sherm

        That would be “The King and aye yi yi”

        Or “Anything Goes”

      • Seymour Butts

        The Fantas-sticks starring, well basically the entire Cub offense.

      • Sherm

        Except for 2016 Jason Heyward, who is starring in either “Promises, Promises” or “Jesus Christ, (I thought he was supposed to be a) Superstar!”

      • Doc Raker

        And the Tony goes to Jason Heyward staring in “Jesus Christ, (I thought he was suppose to be a) Superstar. See you at the after party

      • Seymour Butts

        …but the baseball season actually eventually comes.

      • …that’s what she said

  • cap’n realist

    tune in tomorrow, when we try to tie in Sitcoms to this years Cub team….

    • Doc Raker

      You must of missed the Mr French the Butler post

    • Doug S.

      Looking forward to the Star Trek version.

  • Doc Raker

    The drought ended after a 17 minute rain delay…………… the baseball Gods would have it no other way.

  • Jeff R

    Well…I tried being creative. #FacePalm

    • Doc Raker

      It was brilliant, it brought us to Jesus Christ wasn’t he suppose to be a Superstar.

      • JTBarrett16

        Homer Simpson accidentally proved there’s no God while working on a flat tax proposal.

    • No worries Jeff, we liked it. This is just what we do here. Especially during the waning days of the off-season.

    • Eddie Von White

      Listen to Lizzie. She’s always right.