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So who's got the better 'stache?

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Today was a slow baseball day as the Cubs got rained out and will play a makeup game in late July.  So permit me to drift off topic somewhat – Steve Rosenbloom The Message movie wrote an amusing story today comparing Mike Ditka to Joel Quenneville in terms of their mustaches.  Remember when a mustache was something that distinguished pitchers in general?  Rollie Fingers looked like a bit of a picadillio with his, I’ve read that he and other A’s were paid extra for their 19th century ’staches.  Then along came Bruce Sutter and Goose Gossage, they wore Fu Manchus to look intimidating.

Nowadays you don’t see as many pitchers sporting facial hair, some teams even have rules against it.  I’ve worn a mustache since 1985 for two reasons:  1.  Both my father and grandfather sported one and 2.  I’ve got a big nose.  The mustache makes it so your nose doesn’t stick out so much, it’s sorta like not wearing shirts with broad horizontal stripes if you weigh 250 like I do.

I’m hoping to see more guys in baseball wearing mustaches again, for what it’s worth I pick Quenneville over Ditka in the best ’stache contest.

  • MJ

    I was informed that wearing v neck shirts elongates you. 😆