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January 2017



2016 – Year of the Cubs Trivia Extravaganza

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I have the honor of writing the first official post of the new year. I initially was going to write about 17 Cub related resolutions for the new year, but after thinking about it a bit, I realized that I wasn’t quite ready to let go of 2016 – the year of the Cubs!

However, a retrospective is so “been there, done that” so I decided to test everyone on their 2016 Chicago Cubs trivia with 16 questions on a multitude of things that occurred in 2016. I have attempted to make these questions rather difficult so if you get more than a dozen correct, you are at the top of the Cubs fan pyramid. Feel free to brag about your excellent scores in the comments section.

While I attempted to do some research and have attributed my sources when I have done so (in the answer key at the end of the post), the questions are ultimately my own so any errors that you find fall on my shoulders. Apologies in advance should you find something.

With that said, let’s begin the 2016 – Year of the Cubs Trivia Extravaganza:

  1. A gimme to warm you up. In which game and what inning did the Cubs finally win the 2016 World Series?
    1. Game 6, ninth inning
    2. Game 7, ninth inning
    3. Game 6, tenth inning
    4. Game 7, tenth inning
  2. There has been a lot of discussion of Kyle Schwarber batting leadoff in 2017. What spot in the batting order was he hitting during the third game of the season against the Diamondbacks when he collided with CF Dexter Fowler and was lost for the rest of the regular season?
    1. Second
    2. Fifth
    3. Sixth
    4. Seventh
  3. Three Cubs stole at least ten bases in 2016, which of these players did not make it to double digits?
    1. Kris Bryant
    2. Dexter Fowler
    3. Jason Heyward
    4. Javier Baez
  4. During their “onesie” west coast trip in August, who was Ben Zobrist dressed as?
    1. Darth Vadar
    2. C3PO
    3. Rocky Balboa
    4. Superman
  5. Which of these players did not pitch for the Cubs in 2016?
    1. Joel Peralta
    2. Gerardo Concepcion
    3. Miguel Montero
    4. Zac Rosscup
  6. In his farewell season, how many homers did David Ross hit?
    1. 8
    2. 10
    3. 12
    4. 11
  7. Which 2016 Cub was drafted as the 1,464th player overall in the 2011 draft?
    1. Spencer Patton
    2. Carl Edwards Jr.
    3. Rob Zastryzny
    4. Jake Buchanan
  8. Which Cub hitter was intentionally walked the most times in 2016?
    1. Kris Bryant
    2. Miguel Montero
    3. Anthony Rizzo
    4. Addison Russell
  9. On May 8th, against the Nationals, the strategy was to walk Bryce Harper. The strategy worked as the Cubs won 4-3 in 13 innings. How many times was Harper walked?
    1. Four
    2. Five
    3. Six
    4. Seven
  10. One of my favorite games of the year was on June 28th against the Reds. In that 15 inning victory, three Cub pitchers played left field at some point in the game. Which of these pitchers did not play in the outfield that day?
    1. Travis Wood
    2. Hector Rondon
    3. Pedro Strop
    4. Spencer Patton
  11. In game 6 of the World Series, Addison Russell hit a grand slam becoming the second youngest player to accomplish this feat at 22 years and 283 days. Who was the youngest to hit a grand slam at 21 years and 349 days?
    1. Yogi Berra
    2. Joe Pepitone
    3. Jose Canseco
    4. Mickey Mantle
  12. On June 19th, Willson Contreras debuted with a thrilling two-run pinch hit home run. Who were the Cubs playing that day?
    1. Pittsburgh
    2. Washington
    3. Detroit
    4. Cincinnati
  13. Lots of talk around the fact that Dexter and his .393 OBP (on-base %) has left and went to the enemy but who, with a minimum of 100 at-bats, was second on the team in OBP at .391?
    1. Willson Contreras
    2. Ben Zobrist
    3. Kris Bryant
    4. Chris Coghlan
  14. Somebody has to lead the team in every category. Who led the team in grounding into double plays?
    1. Jason Heyward
    2. Ben Zobrist
    3. Anthony Rizzo
    4. Addison Russell
  15. Which Cubs pitcher struck out the most times as a batter?
    1. John Lackey
    2. Jon Lester
    3. Kyle Hendricks
    4. Jake Arrieta
  16. We all know that the Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years, but do you know the two Cubs that struck out exactly 108 times in 2016?
    1. Heyward, Russell
    2. Bryant, Baez
    3. Fowler, Russell
    4. Rizzo, Baez

How did you do?

I want to thank everyone, especially Joe and Lizzie for welcoming me to VFTB. I look forward to getting to know many of you better in 2017 and am excited to see what the Cubs do for an encore. No matter what happens in 2017, for the next ten months (at a minimum), the Cubs will be the reigning World Series Champions, and that never ceases to put a big smile on my face.

Happy New Year everyone!


Answers: 1.D; 2.C; 3.A; 4.C; 5.D; 6.B; 7.B; 8.C; 9.C; 10.B; 11.D; 12.A; 13.D; 14.B; 15.A; 16.D

  • Dork

    i got exactly 1/2 right – or if my glass is not full I got 1/2 wrong

  • Joe Aiello

    6 out of 16 correct. Man, I need to take some Ginkgo Biloba for 2017

    • Sherm

      Gingko Biloba. Is he that new Korean phenom?

  • Sherm

    I got eleven, but have to admit that it could have easily been eight, since I guessed at three with absolutely no clue of the answer.

    So if Schwarber hit 6 in game 3 of the season – what was the batting order in that game? Figure it must’ve been Fowler, Heyward, Bryant, Rizzo, Zobrist and THEN Schwarbs, based on your answer. Is that correct?

    • Joe Aiello

      I’m just going to go ahead and beat CAPS to this answer:


      • Sherm

        Pretty sure CAPS is sleeping off the Clemson win…and considering a new “nickname”

      • JTBarrett16

        I feel a million times better after sleeping 10 hours

    • Douglas Saye

      Joe is correct. You can click on each of the answers in the answer key to get the source to the answer.

      Looks like you are the leader in the clubhouse with 11 but there will be some late risers that have a little better weather which should slow the greens down a bit and will probably lead to some good scores.

  • Nailed it! I got 4.

    • Seymour Butts

      If that is your definition of nailing it. I wish I had known you in High School.
      Got 8, some guesses.

  • Doc Raker

    How did Chris Coghlan have the second highest OBP at .391? I never saw him get a hit.

    Who’s OPS was higher for 2016, David Ross or Jorge Soler?

    .325 was Jason Heywards :
    a) Batting Average
    b) On base percentage
    c) slugging percentage
    d) on base plus slugging percentage

    What dumbass would bat Schwarbs 6th?

    • Lou Pinella with funny glasses

  • 6.. awesome

  • Kyle

    6. It’s ok though, because the Cubs won the world series.

  • Connor Ladwig