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Units Of Measure

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Now that the Cy Young voting is complete, let me reiterate what I’ve said before: it’s a tragedy that Randy Johnson didn’t get the Cy Young and it’s even more of a tragedy that it wasn’t even close. Of course Clemens is a phenomenal pitcher, but Johnson is better. I know by just watching the Big Unit that he’s better, but let’s look at the numbers, because they don’t lie:

Earned Run Average
Unit: 2.60
Rocket: 2.98
Winner: Unit

Complete Games
Unit: 4
Rocket: 0
Winner: Unit

Unit: 2
Rocket: 0
Winner: Unit

Innings Pitched
Unit: 245.2
Rocket: 214.1
Winner: Unit

Unit: 0.90
Rocket: 1.16
Winner: Unit

Strikeouts to Walks Ratio
Unit: 6.44
Rocket: 2.60
Winner: Unit

Strikouts Per Nine Innings
Unit: 10.62
Rocket: 9.15
Winner: Unit

Opponent’s Batting Average
Unit: .197
Rocket: .217
Winner: Unit

Perfect Games
Unit: 1
Rocket: 0
Winner: Unit

The only major pitching category that Johnson doesn’t lead is wins, and that’s only because the eight guys in the lineup for Arizona pale in comparison to the eight guys in Houston. It’s out of Randy’s control. At least the Internet Baseball Writers Association got it right.