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Call me crazy but…

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I’m ready for a new look at Wrigley. No, not a new stadium, I mean a substantive change that keeps what we love but adds value. What I’m talking about is a retractable roof. Our redheaded stepsister to the north has one and they are a budget-oriented team. So why can’t we or shouldn’t we?

My reasons for making this enhancement are as follows:

  • Anybody that’s attended an April game knows it’s cold, if there’s any growth for ticket sales it has to be in the spring;
  • More free agents would consider Chicago a friendly destination were it not for the weather;
  • No more rainouts, no more day/night doubleheaders, again an attraction for free agents (not to mention out of town fans who want to come to Chicago;)
  • The Cubs can afford it and finally,
  • It would put to an end the periodic calls for a new stadium.

I love the Wrigleyville neighborhood and a retractable roof might also allay concerns about night games.  They could all be played under the roof to minimize concerns about noise.  What do y’all think?

  • cap’n obvious

    not to be like certain other commenters, but I disagree. I like it the way it is. The craptastic weather is part of the charm. And if pussy free agents don’t want ot come here vue to the weather, well…that series championship will be that much sweeter. Of course, I am writing this from my home in southern california, about 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean, where the weather is perfect about 96% of the time. I could see your point, though, if I still lived in the midwest. Wrigley always has pretty good baseball weather every August when I come in for games.

  • rob

    Replace the whole thing.

  • Doc Raker

    I don’t see how a retractable roof could be done while keeping Wrigley’s charm, although I always tell people, “Don’t go until after Memorial Day when the vines turn green and it is warm”.

    A retractable roof would probably be in the fans and teams best long term interest but it just wouldn’t be the same and unless the team is winning fans won’t show up.

    We may play better in August by minimizing the heat of the summer. Check out the Oakland A’s and the Houston Astros August records for the past few years. Oakland plays in 65 degree weather all year round and Houston plays in a controlled enviroment, I think that gives them a second half advantage. Of course there are other factors but I believe mild weather gives a team more energy late in the season. See Texas for the opposite.

  • Kris

    Cap’n–can you please watch your language? You used a particularly offensive word, especially to at least this female reader. And if that makes me one of those “other commenters,” then so be it.

    I honestly don’t see how they could do a retractable roof on Wrigley. It simply wasn’t built for that. Should they ever decide to build a new stadium (which, unfortunately, is inevitable at some point), it might be wise to include the roof. I’m not sure Cubs fans would be thrilled at first, though.

  • You used a particularly offensive word, especially to at least this female reader.

    It wasn’t just offensive to female readers…

  • Is that even architecturally feasible? And even if it is, wouldn’t we end up with something as ugly as the alien spacecraft that landed on Soldier Field? This seems like an awfully odd thing to be suggesting while there are meaningful baseball games being played.

  • Cindy Witty

    I, too, found the word craptastic offensive.

  • Seymour Butts

    Craptastic! It’s not for everyone.
    The idea of a retractable roof is somewhat attractive, but I think might be very difficult to engineer without losing the center field scoreboard. If you lost that, it would no longer be Wrigley (in spirit, not in fact, so don’t nit pick at that). Free agents DO like Wrigley as a destination. I’ve been to Petco, Safeco, Coors, and whatever they are now calling San Fransisco’s park nowadays, and they are cool. Wrigley is cool for another reason, History. It doesn’t have the neat features of the newer parks, and last time I took a leak there I thought I was a prison camp, but it has that certain something that makes the experience special as it is. Though , like captain, I can say so from the relative comfort of the West Coast.
    By the way, attendance is routinely over 3 mill these days. I’m guessing most of those empty seats in April were sold.

  • By the way, attendance is routinely over 3 mill these days. I’m guessing most of those empty seats in April were sold.

    True… but while absent ticket holders still means ticket revenue for the Cubs, it does mean less revenue from concessions.

  • mastrick (at work)

    If Houston can fit a choo-choo under their roof then we can put the scoreboard under ours.

  • cap’n obvious

    I certainly apologize to anyone I offended by my use of an adjective describing free agents who would be afraid to play in Chicago weather, as Strickler noted. It was my intention to paint said free agents in a negative light to make my argument about keeping Wrigley as is more relavent, and was not intended to be offensive toward women or anyone else.

  • Cat Woman

    I don’t see the offense in the word — pussy; when used to refer to an individual who is soft, or whatever. It’s a pussycat reference, not an anatomical one.

  • MJ

    You have to consider the source Cat Woman.

  • Cat Woman

    You have to consider the source Cat Woman.

    I don’t really know what you mean by that. Its just a colloquialism. Who says it isn’t really relevant. One of the things I like about blogs is that they are rarely, if ever, censored.

  • Its just a colloquialism.

    Just because it is a colloquialism doesn’t mean that it isn’t offensive or inappropriate.

    One of the things I like about blogs is that they are rarely, if ever, censored.

    This is the strangest thing that I see on blogs … and I see it a lot, and not just here at VFTB.

    People seem to think that because this is a blog you can say whatever offensive things you want. Because its a blog.

    And that logic doesn’t make any sense.

  • Cat Woman

    I wasn’t trying to be offensive. I don’t think the original poster was either, especially after reading his apology. I wasn’t saying that it’s a venue in which to be offensive or even that one should overtly be offensive — my point was simply that on a blog you can usually say what you want. If others don’t like it, they can and should ignore it and not waste their time discussing it. I’d rather read what people have to say about the Cubs or the topic and less about each other. That’s my two cents. I think I’ll find another blog to read — this one, which was recommended to me recently — is kind of pissy. Sorry if that offends you.

  • James Bond

    I didn’t find Pussy Galore offensive until she tried to choke me to death in Gold Finger, or was it Diamonds are Forever. I just don’t see what all the fuss is about Mrs Pussy. I think everyone just needs to clit over it.

  • Davdadouche

    Has anyone here ever spent some time in a dugout? Teammates use profanity with eachother all the time, it is part of the dugout banter, the commaraderie of it all. You really aren’t accepted as a teammate until someone calls you a cocksucker, pussy or someother name which would be offensive in the general public or on VFTB.

    So in an effort to get along I would like to accept all of you douchebags as my teammates.

  • Davdadouche


    Has anyone here ever spent some time in a dugout?

    And I am pretty sure that this is not a dugout.

  • IP addresses give away everything Doc…..classy and not smart. Good combo there.

    And softball dugouts aren’t blogs.