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Crank up the stove

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With the GM meetings begin today, which is the official beginning of the hot stove league, all the rumors revolve around Sosa. As I said yesterday, there are a host of teams that have been rumored to be interested in Sosa. Personally, I don’t feel Sosa will be moved this week, but the groundwork could be laid. Personally, I see him going to the Mets, but at this point, I would take anything.

In other words, I read an article about one of my favorite broadcasters, Bob Costas. I had never really considered him as a potential candidate for Chippy’s job, but apparently other people have. Costas is not interested, according to his response when asked about the job, but is flattered to even be considered. I’m not sure who we’ll get, but I am sure it can’t be worse than Chip, so everything should be fine.

In the next few days, I am going to be organizing the list of the main FA and where they will go. So, look for that. In the meantime, vote in the billygoat poll.