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Red Sox win!

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At this moment I’d like to admit that although I HATE the Cardinals and wish punks like Matt Morris would slip on a banana and fall into a pool of pirhanas, Cardinals fans are generally decent people who don’t act like jerks at every opportunity. That takes a lot for me to admit.
So here’s a cry of schadenfreude for Cards players and a nod of respect to Cards fans. Just as catholics would say we were born with original sin, your major fault (from my eyes) is that you were born with Cardinal sin. Tough luck on the series, but at least you have your dignity.

Teams that have worse fans than the Cards:
Philadelphia Phillies
New York Yankees
Houston Astros
Atlanta Braves
New York Mets
Chicago White Sox
Los Angeles Dodgers
Milwaukee Brewers
Boston Red Sox
San Francisco Giants
Pittsburgh Pirates
Cincinnati Reds
Tampa Bay Devil Rays (both of them. Jerks!)

Good luck to most Cards fans in your personal lives, and I wish you nothing but misery in regard to your favorite team. Nothing personal; I hope you can understand.

P.S. Let’s give Dusty Baker control of the Royals, Tony LaRussa the Devil Rays, Joe Torre the Brewers, and Bobby Cox the Tigers and see how good these “geniuses” really are!