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October 2004




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Red Sox beat Yankees. Yay!
Cardinals beat Astros. Boo!
50 % of the teams I despise most in major league baseball made the World Series. Thanks to the Sox, who are somewhere in the middle, for reducing that percentage. As for the Astros, letting LaRussa beat them is just another crime on their rap sheet. The ‘stros mystifying run at season’s end can now be attributed simply to relief at being free from a manager they no longer believed in and not Garner’s suddenly no-longer-dormant genius. He was, and still is, little more than a dingleberry clinging to a hair on the fatty rump of baseball, and all it took was some two-ply lotion-infused St. Louis Charmin to wipe him off.

As for the World Series, let Kurt and the idiots play scissors to St. Louis’s paper, and maybe the Cubs can come back as Rock next year.