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October 2004



Stoney yea, trainer nay

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According to the Sun-Times, Cubs trainer Dave Groeschner and his assistant have been given the boot, or more appropriately, the achilles tendon.

They join diminutive spaz Wendell Kim in the unemployment line. Kim should consider joining Danny Almonte’s old team; he’s little league sized and little league brained.

However, Steve Stone appears to be keeping his job, according to the company that cuts his checks, the Chicago Tribune.

That’s all neutral to good news from my persepective. Though I doubt Groeschner was to blame for all the injuries, Kim was certainly an albatross around the Cubs’ neck, and Stone deserves to keep his job.

And now, Mr. Hendry, on to the business of quietly tampering with Renteria to sign him for next year, trading Sosa, signing Ramirez, and trying to collect more failed veteran middle infielders who can’t hit than Cher has plastic surgeries.