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Enough is Enough

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Moises Alou is a cancer to this Chicago Cubs ball club. I truly believe he is the main reason, why this team seems to feel they have the right to complain about every call that goes against them. After all, if Alou is complaining, and he is a seasoned veteran who has seen it all, then by golly the call must be going against the Cubs. I really believe that is the reasoning some of the younger players on this team are using when complaining about calls. They see one of their leaders do it so it means they have the right to do it too.

I am sick of Moises Alou and his no good, bat slamming, pee on hands attitude. Act like a professional because now is not the time to bring this team down. Word out of the Tribune today has Moises contemplating retirement after this year.

“Whoever is going to sign me is pretty much going to take me out of retirement,” he said. “I love playing the game and I do want to play some more, but it has to be the right situation.”….Returning to Chicago is “my No. 1 priority,”

Maybe it’s just me, but if Alou wants to be offered the “right situation”, he may want to watch his attitude. There aren’t too many teams that are considered contending teams that are in the market to acquire an aging, complaining, can’t run the bases, clubhouse cancer. Shape up Moises or have fun with your horses next year.