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It’s about time

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For the last few days, I had been wondering what what wrong with the Houston Astros. I was counting on them to come into the series with San Francisco strong and win 2 out of 3. Instead, up until last night they simply rolled over and died. One fan, Michael Hurta, has even given up on them completely in his blog. When I came home yesterday afternoon I had planned on watching a Cubs loss. I just had a feeling. This team never seems to put teams away so why start now? Instead, I was treated to a sweep of the lowly buccos. It didn’t really impress me though because of how hot the Giants had been. Before bed, I checked the score and saw the Giants were winning 2-0. So much for making up ground today. Instead, I wake up to see that the Astros had decided enough is enough and brought out the bats for the rest of the game. So now here we are. The magic number is 11. We control our own destiny. A sweep of the Mets could all but clinch this Wild Card for us. With the Dodgers and Giants set to tear into each other this weekend, a sweep in unlikely by either team. It should be a great weekend for Cub fans.

Jay Mariotti Says

I usually cannot stand Jay Mariotti’s opinions but for once I agree with his article in the Sun Times. I didn’t mention this topic after it happened, but now that he wrote about it, I may as well take the chance to say I agree. The other day, when Sosa hit a double that according to his hippity hop routine was thought to be a homerun, he was thrown out at second base. Mariotti points out that “The new angle on our aging future Hall of Famer is that He’s dissolving into a bitter man” I agree. This guy has gone from fan favorite to the source of most Cub fan’s anger in a season and a half. Look at some of the things that have happened.

  • Sosa misses 25 games in 2003 due to injuries and cork bat
  • Accusations of steroids
  • Angry at Rick Reilly ~ Read the Article Here
  • Horrible injuries this year due to violent sneezes
  • Very low statistics prompting a drop in the batting order

I can’t blame him for being bitter, except for the fact that all of these things were brought on by himself. Nothing was brought on unfairly. It’s hard for me to feel sorry for someone who wants the world handed to him on a platter and then cries when it’s not given to him. If Sosa wants our praise, he needs to show us something these last 2 weeks and into the playoffs. Be a leader and lead this team. If not, get out of the way and let A-Ram lead us.

Survivor Update

Last night was the second week of Survivor Vanuatu. Last week I had made a fearless prediction of Scout being the next to be voted off the island. I was wrong, as I usually am with my predictions. Want proof? Look back and see how bad my MLB picks were for this season. I was disappointed last night because my pick to win it all, mainly because she was a cutie, was voted off. Dolly simply talked to too many people when discussing who to vote off and made people angry. Poor little farm girl just doesn’t understand how the game is played. You can’t tell two different groups that you’re voting with them this early in the game. Friendships have not been made yet. Until you know who’s with who, you just can’t do that. We’ll see who gets voted off next week. It will be one from each tribe.

Fearless Prediction for Week 3 Vote Offs

Guys Tribe – Rory
Girls Tribe – Eliza