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Sometimes you find yourself in the situation where you have a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it. However, the problem I often am faced with is having a lot of little things to say and TOO MUCH time or space with which to say them. As a result, it comes across as an insane man rambling on incoherently about too many different topics to follow. So, I will try to just break it down into sections and ramble about a couple of things on my mind.

The Cubs

Again, I was unable to watch the Cubs on WGN. I long for the days when I was growing up and the games were all on WGN. I’m sure my wife doesn’t long for those days though. She already feels like I watch way too much baseball. I was able to catch the last inning or so on the Internet. When the Cubs were in the early stages of them game, Anthony told me it was 4-1. I was relieved, because I had a horrible feeling that the Cubs were going to come into this series and collapse. Somehow, we always have a habit of playing down to our competition. Instead, they take a nice lead with Wood on the mound. The only problem was that Hawkins is still the man in the 9th, which leads to fears and uncertainty. I just knew he was going to blow that game for us. When he blew the save, everything in me wanted to just shut the game off. If it weren’t for the fact that we had the top of the order up in the 10th, I would have gave up. Even the 10th was disappointing though. Yes, we scored and won the game, but we almost didn’t score. When Patterson hits a leadoff double, I see no point in wasting an out trying to get him to third. He has enough speed that he could score from 2nd on a single. Why waste an out? Let Neifi swing away and try for a single. If nothing else, have him show bunt a few times to draw the infield in and then try to slap one past them. If it weren’t for a wild pitch, the Cubs do not score in that inning, and that is pathetic.

Playoff Tickets

I got my playoff tickets on Monday. No, not to Wrigley, but to Turner field for game 2. Here’s hoping the Cubs will be in Atlanta for me to watch. If not, I may have to just sell the tickets to Scott Lange over at the Northside Lounge. If you would like to see what my view is going to be from the bleachers (catch the pun?), then Click here and click section 135 in the RF bleachers.

Life’s a Pitch

For those of you have never listened, there is a link in the best of section of this site from an appearance I made on a sports talk radio show from Cleveland, Ohio near the beginning of the season. They have been kind enough to welcome me back for an encore appearance this Thursday night. So, if you would like to listen live, and god only knows why you would, then I will be posting a link to click tomorrow morning. The show will be on at 7:30pm est on Thursday night. Here’s hoping I don’t get asked any crazy questions that catch me off guard.