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September 2004



Survivor Update

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As the time drew closer to another season of Survivor, my excitement began to build. Fresh off Survivor All Stars, which in my opinion was the best season yet, I needed to get my fix. This season takes place on the islands of Vanuatu, which are known as the fire islands. Something about that appeals to me. I’m not sure why fire adds to the drama, but it just does for some reason.

This years castaways are divided into 2 tribes, which is different from All Stars, which had them divided into 3 tribes. Personally, I enjoyed the three tribe idea better. I thought it added to the strategy of the game. Castaways did not get a chance to get to know as many people before there was a merge. Instead, they are back to the two tribe idea. They are divided into men and women, which is an idea that I like.

The show started out really interesting. As the castaways were brought to the island, all of these natives began paddling out to meet them in boats. They had spears and were screaming and raising their spears. That would scare the crap out of me. Even though I would know it was staged, the thought of the whole situation would be very overwhelming I think. The looks on their faces seemed to show that. They all kind of stared in amazement. From there it was on to tribal initiation. They had an elaborate ceremony in which they killed a pig on the spot. They didn’t just slash it’s throat, they hit it on the head with a sledge hammer. It scared the crap out of the ladies in the game. Half of them gasped out load. It was pretty funny to watch.

Eventually, the real game began. Tribes found their camp and it was time to compete in the first immunity challenge. It was nothing too exciting. A team obstacle course. The guys team pretty much could have won easily had they not had one tribe member. This big highway repair worker named Chris could not get across the balance beam if his life depended on it. He tried doing it on his belly, on his feet, with shoes, without shoes, etc. Nothing worked, no matter how how he worked. The rest of his team just had to sit and watch their lead be blown. In the end, the girls won the challenged and were rewarded with not only immunity from tribal council, but also some much needed flint for fires.

I really thought that Chris would be voted out because of his failure, but when it was time for the council to meet, Brook was voted out due to his intimidating strength. I think the guys will come out hard next week and will win immunity.

Fearless Prediction for Next Castaway eliminated: Scout Cloud Lee