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Fan E-mails

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Every now and then, I get the privilege of receiving an E-mail from a Cub fan who reads the site and decides they want to send me a question or a comment. It’s always nice to receive some love through the E-mail. I try to take the time to reply to them right away because I know if I took the time to write, I’d appreciate a reply. It always makes me laugh that someone would actually write in the first place, to be honest.

Last night, we had a power outage and I was not able to see the conclusion to the game. When my power left me, the Cubs were up 5-4 in the 8th. with 2 Cincinnati at bats to come. You can imagine my joy when I wake up to an E-mail from a reader that not only told me the Cubs win, but that he had a great question, which gave me something to write about. I’d like to take the time to share with you not only his E-mail, which asks an intelligent and legit question, but also another E-mail I received yesterday from a lady named Deb.

Intelligent E-mail

I’m a diehard Cubbie fan, but I’d like to bring to your attention, if I
may, an oft-overlooked Cubs issue.

Tonight, the “Cub of the Day” was obviously Aramis Ramirez. The man
batted in our first three runs singlehandedly. The other day, the “Daily
Hero” was Patterson, who had multiple longballs. Recently, Sosa had a
now-rare “Supergame” where he had a Grand Slam and a solo shot.

Does it concern you at all that, although we’re pulling off some wins,
the team seems to be dependent on one player? The player varies from day
to day, but it seems that one player per game takes the game for us.
Tonight, again, while Ramirez stole the spotlight, Patterson, Lee,
Walker, and Alou didn’t do much (if anything).

I wish the entire lineup could be consistent more regularly: How about,
Ramirez gets his three homers, but Corey gets a double and a single, and
Todd Walker got a solo shot? (Or something along these lines).

In any case, I very much enjoy View From The Bleachers.

Thirteen-year old Andrew Quinn

PS: How amazing is Hawkins’s closing becoming? My only complaint is: “If
only he could have been doing this all year!”

Not only does this E-mail ask a good question, but the writer is 13 yrs old. Not too many 13 yr olds can put together that kind of coherent thoughts on paper. He uses paragraphs and punctuation. Andrew, I salute you for being a good reader. Now, I suppose you would like an answer to your question. It worries me more that this team continues to live and die with the homerun. All the Cubs writers have been beating this issue to death this year. This team reminds me of the Colorado Rockies when they first came into the league. The had a lineup similar to the Cubs, which was filled with huge sluggers and tried to just beat you with their offense. There are some differences between this team and the Rockies, however. First, we actually have a pitching staff, something the Rockies have yet to put together to this point. Also, the Cubs offense plays in a park that is not as conducive to hitting homeruns on an everyday basis. Due to the wind being incredibly fickle, the Cubs have issues at home. If the wind in blowing in, the Cubs just don’t seem to win as consistently. Andy pointed out in an earlier post that the Cubs record is affected by the wind.

Wind Blowing In: 15-15
Wind Blowing Out:24-12

That tells me that the Cubs rely on the longball at home. When the wind is blowing out, their offense takes charge. When it’s blowing in, their glaring faults are revealed. They don’t move runners. They don’t run the bases well, and they don’t play fundamental baseball. Each game they try to out slug their competition. This is what worries me more than one player taking the game on his back each game.

Strange E-mail

Can you send me pictures of derrick Lee, especially a side view…BUTT!!!!


Why would I have pictures of this? Deb, I will do my best to get you some Derrek Lee pictures, but cannot promise any erotic ones for you. Sorry to disappoint.

Thanks for the emails guys. I appreciate it. Keep em coming. In the meantime, check out and see fellow Cub blogger Kurt Evan’s opinions on Advertising at Wrigley Field.