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Cub Confidence

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The Cubs go out and get the job done this series. The do what they needed to do by sweeping a weak team down the stretch. Now, how do you and I feel about this team? What is your Cub Confidence level? I think a simple 1-10 scale should serve us well. What I would like for our readers to do is simple. Make known to the world where you stand on this teams chances to win it all for this year. With 10 being completely confident and 1 being terrified and despondent, declare if you’re on or off the Cub bandwagon. Anything 6 and over declares your on, but to what extent. 5 and under declares that you’re off, and to what extent.

Let me take the rest of my time to post my number and reason. This preseason, I think the majority of us would have said that at this point in the year, their level would probably be in the neighborhood of 9 or even 10. After all, this is a team that ESPN and Sports Illustrated both predicted would win the World Series. I really felt this year would be a great year for this team. Instead, I am left disappointed and clinging to the hope that this team is better than they have shown. Clutching the possibility that this team is about to hit it’s stride at just the right time. If I had to put a number on it, I will give this team a 6, with a little, green up arrow next to it. I think this sweep goes a long way toward convincing me. Sammy Sosa has been hot the last 3 games and it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. With injuries to Nomar and A-Ram, we need Sammy to deliver in a HUGE way. If he continues to do so, my Cub Confidence level will continue to rise.

What’s your level? Let us know.