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Any Way The Wind Blows

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As Corey’s pop fly sailed six miles up into the “jet stream” towards left center field and into the basket in the eighth, loyal Cubs fans everywhere leapt off of their sofas, shouted with excitement, and spilled their adult beverages on their pets. Well, maybe that was just me.

While it could be said that all of the Cubs’ offense tonight came off the bat of Patterson, it could also be said that the game would never have gone to extra innings without that friendly outgoing breeze at the Friendly Confines. That made me wonder, over the course of the season, does the wind help or hurt the Cubs? And if the wind is that big of a factor, just how many games at Wrigley Field are decided by which direction the wind is blowing?

I dug through the box scores on MLB.COM and recorded which direction the wind was blowing for each game and whether the Cubs won or lost. I know that the wind can change directions many times during a single game, but for the sake of simplicity, I decided to stick with the info the box score had to offer. Here’s what I found.

First, there’s just nothing more exciting than looking at box scores for weather data.

Second, the wind at Wrigley does appear to affect the Cubs’ record. Take a look (games where the wind was blowing right-to-left or left-to-right weren’t considered)

Wind Blowing In: 15-15
Wind Blowing Out: 24-12

So this season at home, they’ve split their games with the wind blowing in. With the wind blowing out, they’ve won twice as many games as they’ve lost. Draw from that what you will.