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A bad Win?

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Is there such a thing as a bad win? I mean, when a team wins but has a costly injury, we call it a costly win. When a team wins, but didn’t deserve it, we call it a gift win. But, is there a term for when a team wins a ballgame by playing a style that has not led to consistent success all year. That was the case last night. So, while it was a big win, an important win, a nice win to watch, the fact of it is, this was a “bad win.”

From the home office in Cullowhee, NC. We present todays top ten list. Topic: Top 10 ways to know that last nights win was, in fact, a bad win.

10. When my wife notices that Sammy Sosa swings too hard and asks if he gets embarrassed.

9. The win blows out and the Cubs can’t manage more than 3 runs, despite swinging for the fences

8. Moises Alou is still our Left Fielder

7. Mark Grudzielanek is still in the starting lineup consistently, despite the fact that Walker is a better option

6. Our announcers on WGN keep thinking that the Cubs have been clutch with runners in scoring position

5. Some fat kid with no shirt painted up for the game. It must be that time again. Welcome back fair weather & Clueless fans

4. We were forced to listen to Paul Edinger do a dreadful job with the 7th inning stretch. I guess it’s just been a rough week for him.

3. Alou singled-handedly broke the record for most check swings in a single game with 23,482 in one game. Way to go Mo !!!!

2. All our runs once again came via the homerun

and the number 1 reason I worry that last nights win was a bad win……………….

1. Corey Patterson hit 2 HR’s in one game.

Now, for the casual fans that were chanting “Corey!!! Corey!!!!” as he slowly trotted around the bases in the 12th, this was a great sign. Corey Patterson is great. The Cubs are great. We’re on our way. But, for the fan that has an ounce of Cub intelligence could tell you that seeing Corey hit two HR last night is the worst thing we could possibly see. We will once again see Corey swinging for the fences tomorrow. Hopefully, when Baker pulled Corey aside as they were celebrating the first thing he said to him was…”Good job tonight, get me some singles and doubles tomorrow.” If not, we could be in store for a brutal day tomorrow and a horrible stretch run for Corey Patterson. I hope i’m wrong, but if this season has taught me anything, then I am pretty sure this prediction will ring true.