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June 2015



Javier Baez Breaks His Finger, Out 4-8 Weeks

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In case you missed it, Javier Baez broke his finger on Sunday. The doctors have placed the timetable at 4-8 weeks. For Baez, it’s almost a lost year at this point. With him missing the first month due to the passing of his sister and now this, it has to be hard to feel confident if you’re him, especially tonight watching the MLB draft and knowing that back in 2011, that was him on that stage being picked in the 1st round.

It’s got to be even more frustrating for the Cubs front office as there was big talk that he was coming up to DH with several games in AL parks coming up in the next two weeks. He had been hitting very well in Iowa and really deserved the call up. and now this.

At this point, you hope he can get healed up quickly, get some at bats in in the month of August down the stretch for Iowa and then maybe see time with the big club in September. I would think the Cubs and Javy would think strongly about also having him play somewhere this winter as well to get those missed at bats in. We’ll see. It’s just very disappointing news for him.

  • EG27_AG45

    It does suck. Hopefully he’ll be able to have a role in the stretch run and get that experience.

  • Doc Raker

    Injuries happen and it is a bummer but not the end of the world for the Cubs or Javier Baez. On the bright side of things the Cubs won 3 out of 4 in Washington DC. I never bought into the Bryce Hyper hype but I do think he is now one of the best hitters in the league.

    Denorfia had an impressive return from the DL.

    Anybody keeping an eye on the Astro’s? Valbuena is doing a pretty good Carlos Pena act down there by the train tracks in Houston.

    Blackhawks tonight in Chicago for game 3.

  • I’ll enjoy the ‘KB to left’ respite.