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Five Burning Questions : The Two Month Mark

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Every so often you will hear somebody say, “a manager knows what type of team he has by the end of May.”

I, for one, would love to hear a serious response from Joe regarding his assessment of the 2015 Cubs to this point.  I mean, one day it looks like they could battle the best and then some days the youth really starts to show.  It would be unfair to assess this type of team up to this point and give them a label.  I prefer to think of this years Cub team as a fine wine…it has aged well in storage for a few years and is probably ready to drink, but has it reached it’s potential for even the 2015 season let alone further down the road?

At any rate, it begs for another series of Five Burning Questions and here we go!

(Imagine a drumroll…)

Question 1: Who is your Cub MVP through the first two months of the season?

Mine is Anthony Rizzo. Until the trip to Petco, which is pretty much kryptonite for Rizzo, he looked great.  More importantly he is taking on the leadership roll of this young team, which is funny, because he too, is still quite young.

Question 2: Which Cub, that has consistently been in the lineup (pitchers included), has you concerned?

It hurts to say this, because I chose him as Rookie of the Year, but Soler has me a bit worried.  His potential is off the map, but he can’t hit the off-speed pitch.  He is like Jobu from Major League.  I am waiting for chicken bones and stuff.  He has made some nice fielding plays, and has a pretty good arm, but until he learns to hit a breaking ball, my guess on ROY is going nowhere fast.

Question 3: Who will be traded by the deadline?

This can be anybody in the organization aside from Bryant, Rizzo, or most of our starting pitching in my opinion.  I have been saying for years that Castro’s time as a Cub has been limited , but every year he sticks.  It is tough to find a good Major League shortstop.  We would have to get starting pitching back, but I feel this is one area we have a surplus in is up the middle.

Question 4: Who is the better broadcaster, Jim Deshaies or Steve Stone?

Unlike many here, I don’t mind Len and Jim.  Their horrible wit is sort of growing on me.  If you have the MLB package and get around to it, listen to some of the other dry sacks out there.  I would rather watch turtle poop slide down a log.  That being said , I actually like Jim better than Steve Stone.  Stone was always too much of an arrogant know-it-all and really irritated me.

Question 5: Do any of you play daily fantasy baseball?

You have seen the adds all over TV for sites like Draft Kings and Fanduel.  I am curious to know, with all the stat heads we have roaming this site, if any of you play Daily Fantasy Baseball?  If you do, what are your thoughts?  I started a little last year and have to admit, did not like it all that much at first.  However, I decided to start over with the 2015 season. I started to learn how to use the stats and my goodness if I wasn’t an advanced metrics guy before, I am becoming one now!  If you like the statistical/probability side of baseball this may be for you!  I play at Draft Kings and I like their format.  If you have been curious and want to give it a try, here is a link .  My username is chester0711 if you want to take me on in a head-to-head game some time (no high dollar stakes please, still just having fun with the small buy-ins).

That’s it for now. Throw your answers in the comments below and lets have some healthy debates!

  • Doug S.

    1. Rizzo stands out to me as clear MVP so far.
    2. Agreeing with you again on Soler
    3. I’ve been opposed to moving Castro, but now starting to think it will happen. It doesn’t bother me as much as I though it would, provided we get some real help elsewhere.
    4. Not much exposure to Stone, so don’t know.
    5. This year I’m stopping Fantasy Football. Screws up my enjoyment of simply watching a game. Never tried baseball, but imagine it’s a lot of effort.

  • Seymour Butts

    1 Rizzo
    2 Nobody
    3 Nobody
    4 Stone
    5 No, I have a life.

    Also think wine is a waste of grape juice.

    In general nobody worries me because of the growing process. We hoped for, but did not expect the team to do this well this soon. Let it continue to percolate. hopefully it will make some really good grape juice in the near future.

    • I’m with you up to the part about wine. That’s just asinine.

  • Dork

    1) Rizzo but Bryant is catching up fast
    2) The bull pen in general – I thought they were better but we are back to holding our breath when the starter leaves.
    3) Jackson I hope, maybe coughlan (it would make Joe and Jared Happy)
    4) I like Pat and Ron even when i watch i usually sync up the TV with the radio broadcast
    5) I have tried but find myself getting too involved and losing my night to baseball. Not that I don’t do the same to the cubs game itself.

  • Jerry in Wisconsin

    1) Bryant
    2) Nobody, but let’s get Neil back to the bullpen
    3) I know someone will get traded, but I do not want to guess, and have no clues.
    4)Pat and Ron are the best, and I do agree JD is much better than stone.
    5) No, Wife would kill me.

    Why do we need to imagine a drumroll, just do it on your desktop, it is more fun that way.

  • EG27_AG45

    1. Bryant. The guy is playing like a seasoned veteran in his prime.
    2. Soler. Same reasons as you pretty much.
    3. I don’t see them moving Castro for the sake of moving him. He’s going to be part of this team long-term.
    4. Anyone who works with Hawk Harrelson sucks, and Stone is still bitter about 2004.
    5. Nein. I only play fantasy football.

  • Travis Wood for #2 and maybe #3. Hard to say.