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They Told Me It Would Be Better Someday

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Being a fan of this team prior to the second half of 2014 was akin to being passed through the lower GI of baseball.  To say the practice of being a Cubs fan from 2010-2014 was a grind is a massive understatement.  The Cubs previous five seasons were usually decided by this point in April and to be honest, even if they mess the sheets this year, I feel as though we got some sort of bonus time as winners.

Originally, when I grabbed this spot prior to the start of the month, I kind of thought I would be writing a piece about patience and dealing with young talent.  I thought I would be saying things like “give the kids a chance” and “He’s only XX years old and it’s April.”

As a Cub fan, I don’t want this April to end…ever.

Today I’m going to share some thoughts  regarding our newly constructed ball club on the north side of Chicago.  I have three things I need to spew and then you feel free to spew forth your three things and then we will all have spewed three things we have noticed so far.  We have all probably gushed enough over the performance of this team over the past month, however, as the month ends we need one more gushing.  Why? Because we deserve to gush, it’s been a while, ya know what I mean?

Walk with me……

Thought #1:

If Kris Bryant never hits a dinger but keeps hitting the way he has this month, I will take it.  With exception of his first game, which I am beginning to wonder if that was even Kris Bryant or a proxy of some sort filling in, the guy has been nothing but pleasant to watch at the plate.  His play at third, which I kind of expected to be a disaster, has been more than enough for me to feel he can stay at that spot.

Thought #2:

Dexter Fowler doesn’t get enough credit for his play thus far.  Now Dex hasn’t blown anybody away, but he may be the best leadoff option since Juan Pierre in a Cub uniform.  He has very quietly cobbled together a nice first month and does his job of setting the table for the other guys behind him.

Thought #3:

I like the Jumbo-Tron and the new signage, but when they finally open those bleachers it’s gonna be pretty cool.  The April crowds have never been great but with no bleacher creatures it makes Wrigley seem quite docile.  When I watch on TV it feels like a minor league game for the most part.  This will sound crazy but if this team can keep it going, the opening of the bleachers mid-season may provide a nice little emotional boost for home games down the stretch.  Imagine showing up at the ballpark mid-season and all of the sudden gaining 10,000 new rowdy fans every home game.

Anyhow, I feel like I wore the rose-colored glasses for years and they’re finally in style.  I am glowing like a pregnant woman in her second trimester.  Go Cubs!

  • BobTheCanadian

    No tampering charges in the Maddon hiring!

    • Dork


  • Dork

    Kris Bryant is a beast.

    When Grimm, Ramirez and La Stella return and Lester warms up the cubs will be even better.

  • RC

    Three things I like – aggressive base stealing, scoring and hitting with two outs, and celebrating each victory in the clubhouse. Maddon is doing great keeping the young guys motivated, focused, and on track – bring on the warmer weather and full bleachers!

  • Doc Raker

    Thought #4- The Cubs are damn good!

  • Doc Raker

    Thought #5- The Astros are good also. The Cubs and Astros have similar rebuild timelines. It will be interesting to see if they both succeed at the same time.

    • Eddie Von White

      Thought # 6 – Do you think JD regrets leaving the Astros booth for the Cubs booth?

      • BobTheCanadian

        The funny thing is, Len used to have fire. Back in 2007, I remember when Aramis hit a walk-off against the Brewers, that was the #1 play on SportsCenter, and they used Len Kasper’s call when they played the tape.

      • Doc Raker

        If you don’t have fire on a walk off home run when would you have fire. Len is not very insightful. The nuances of game play escape him, he is a stat guy. It’s like he just wants the game to end so he can go over the stats, he doesn’t seem to enjoy or understand the nuances of the game pitch to pitch.

      • BobTheCanadian

        They don’t always use the broadcaster’s call, but he was so excited that SC used it. He mentioned that at the 2014 Cubs Convention as his favorite game, and after I told him that that was the #1 play on SC that day and his call was used.

      • Doc Raker

        To me it seems JD struggles to connect with Len pitch to pitch since Len is so clueless on pitch strategy and every other strategy important in a baseball game. Wouldn’t it be nice to have 2 broadcasters that could have a conversation on pitch selection to a certain batter? JD is pretty much on his own unless the conversation turns to music then Len is all in.

        I would imagine living in Chicago and being at Wrigleyfield every game is an awesome job no matter who your broadcast partner is.