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September Call Ups – A "Thank You"

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I finally have another chance to write.  To share some of my thoughts.  It has been one crazy Summer.  In the midst of it all I got an opportunity to join this community and I can’t say thank you enough for welcoming me to it.  I used my writing as a way to draw my attention away from studying for the bar when I needed an absolute break.  Well, thank you.  It was helpful, I passed the NC Bar, first try.  Thanks for reading my stress relief and helping me stay sane by discussing something I love with others who are just as, if not more, passionate. I promise I will tie this in.

With all the yucky lovey-dovey thank yous out of the way let’s get to the Chicago Cubs.

So here is what has been the burning thought on my mind recently.  September call-ups- are they a thank you or are they a try out?

The Thank You-

During September you see a lot of guys get the call who have worked their butts off in the Minors all season; most who have toiled their for quiet a while. At times you will see the prospect for the proverbial “cup of coffee” but mostly it some of the older minor leaguers in a kind of see-what-you-got-left deal.  I wouldn’t say this is really the try-out, this is more of a thank you.  A reaching out to some of the folks who hung around and took a little stress off.  The guys that were always there just-in-case.  Well, for the most part that scenario didn’t pop up and their was no reward during the season.  So here comes September.  Let’s call it Christmas in September for the career minor leaguer.

I believe in and understand the role of September expanded rosters.  It gives some of the veterans a chance for a breathier and allows for teams in contention to really try to make a one last ditch effort for a push to the playoffs.  Cool. I get it and like it.  I even like the idea of the thank you; most years.  Not this year.  Show me prospects.  Show me something juicy.  I have waited impatiently all season whilst a minor league team was passed off for major market professional baseball team.  So no thank you to the thank you.  Give me the other alternative.

Current “Thank You” Callups- JC Boscan, Donnie Murphy (although he did come earlier), Darnell McDonald, Brian Bogusevic

The Try Out-

This is what September is about when your team has looked like a pile of dog excrement in one way or another for the majority of the season.  Don’t get me around there is a lot of promise on the horizon.  Unfortunately, my MLB.TV subscription that I paid for this year doesn’t offer rain-checks for when the team takes off.  So here is to the future.  Cheers.  Now put some of them on the field. I like the influx of young arms brought up.  I like acquisition of Daniel Bard although we won’t see him this year.  I can even understand the Scott Baker call-up (although worse case scenario I see us paying him 5 million to rehab all season and he signs with someone else in the off season).  Alberto Cabrera should be pitching. Justin Grimm should be pitching. The same for Rosscup and Chang-Yom Lim.  So why am I complaining?  Mostly because as my wife will tell you, that is what I do.  I am a pie in the sky type of guy.  I just wished everyone else was.

Here’s my pie in the sky.  Mike Olt seeing a little time.  Josh Vitters playing a little outfield (if he was healthy).  Heck, show me some Szczur.  I know that last one is a stretch.  Bring them up and let them travel; see what the life is like.  Let them watch the top tier guys as they go through the hardest of the grind day in and day out.  Give them a big league at bat against a really scary pitcher.  Why not?  Who is going to lose playing time that it is significantly going to affect their development? No one (that was an easy answer).

The way I see it “Try  Outs” are better than “Thank Yous”.  Give me more prospect, less last hoorahs.

  • Doc Raker

    Vitters got a try out last year and looked like he belonged in Peoria. Congrats on passing the bar.

  • Doug S.

    Good article. I agree, why not give these guys some playing time? Olt at 3rd? What have we got to lose? Looks like we’re going with 6 man rotation right now.

  • Doc Raker

    Does it make me a bad Cub fan to want the Cubs to lose the next 7 games? Anything that helps spoil the Cardinal season is OK with me at this point. I am rooting for the Pirates from here on out and who ever plays the Cardinals and Yankee’s. I don’t wan ARoid anywhere near the post season.

    • PLCB3

      I don’t care about the Yankees, but I would like to see the Cubs lose to the Pirates and Reds, and for a better draft pick. I don’t think St. Louis will miss the playoffs, but I do hope that they have to play the wild-card game

      • Jerry in Wisconsin

        I read about your tour of Atlanta it sounded like the tour the dinosaurs took of the tar pits.

      • I think you mean mammoths. But, for the record, I’d rather be stuck in tar for four hours than be on a four hour corporate HQ tour.

      • Jedi

        I miss your triangle-hole.

      • My triangle hole was inverted. I’ve commissioned another.

      • Jerry in Wisconsin

        Will it be equilateral, isosceles, or right?

      • PLCB3

        You left out scalene, acute, and obtuse.

      • Jerry in Wisconsin

        Acute and obtuse are angle names, all triangles with an obtuse angle also have an acute angle. Scalene triangles are just too ordinary

      • Jerry in Wisconsin

        I agree with you even the Skipper tried to keep his tour to less than four hours.

      • Jedi

        Make up your mind – you consistently want to dump guys who help the Cubs lose games (Marmol), but now you still want the Cubs to LOSE games. At least it’s consistent with your love for the Waffle House – that place is the solution for people who want to eat on the toilet without actually having to eat on the toilet.

      • PLCB3

        So are you saying you’d rather have Marmol still on the team?

      • Jedi

        I’m saying (quite clearly) that it’s rather two-faced to decry the uselessness of a player BECAUSE he makes us lose and then turn right around and WISH losing upon the club after they rid themselves of that player. It’s quite insane.

      • Eddie Von White

        So also, is the toilet metaphor.

      • That was a shitty metaphor.

      • PLCB3

        I wanted Marmol gone 4 months ago. The losing now is to get a better draft pick

      • Eddie Von White

        That doesn’t even make sense.

      • PLCB3
    • Seymour Butts

      I root for them to win each game, but when the week is done, I’m happy if they have lost a bunch. Cardinal games excluded.
      We got a good one in the 2nd overall draft choice this year, and who knows what next years draft brings. Cubs currently own pick number 4, all but #1 are reachable. The Nats built a pretty good team on a number of very high draft choices, why not us?
      It will be a real tough choice the end of the month if the Cubs loose a draft slot by kicking the Cards to a lower seed.

      • Doc Raker

        Exactly, there is a bigger picture than 1 game of what is already a lost season. In 2015 will it matter our record in Sept of 2013? No. September 2013 and the 2015 season are now inversely related, lose now better chance of winning in 2015 and if we can help St Louis miss the playoffs all the better. In addition I believe I now won a bet against Chuck who said the Cubs would lose over 100 games. Chuck will be sending $100 to the charity of my choice. True Chuck?

      • PLCB3

        The Cubs only have 61 wins. There is still a chance.

  • Congrats Holden…that is awesome.

  • Doug S.

    A lot of thoughts on draft position. Would be interesting to see how first round draft choices in baseball end up contributing to the team that drafted them vs. the other 3 major NA sports. I’m thinking not as much.

  • Guest

    I first started dating my eventual wife during the summer of 2003. We had met each other through our mutual affection for music and it became very obvious very soon that she had never previously dated anyone who gave two flips about any sport or sports team. Yet she tolerated my growing excitement as the season lurched onward and the Cubs won the division and made the playoffs. We had a mild spat on October 4th of that year when her mother had scheduled her wedding simultaneous with the start of game 4 of the NLDS and I couldn’t tear myself away from the pocket television I had bought at the start of the playoffs; even as her mother walked down the aisle, I sat in the back of the crowd glued to the damn thing (we laugh about this now, but at the time she wasn’t laughing much.) Surprisingly, she stuck with me through that… even offering heartfelt consolation after those tough losses in the NLCS. A few days later, though, I overheard her make a comment to my dad along the lines of “I don’t understand what the big deal is…” Needless to say, ten years
    later she now gets it

    After we were married, I made a commitment in 2007 to watch and/or listen to at least part of all 162 regular season Cub games. It drove my wife crazy, but she showed amazing tolerance and patience with me that summer. It was at that point that I knew I had broken her in as a Cubs fan.

    I guess my point of this post (which is actually my first on VFTB despite years of following the blog) is that you gotta give the gal some time. It’s hard to fully understand and appreciate another’s lifelong obsession in just a few short months (or even a few years)- especially if it is an obsession that isn’t immediately shared. If she shows a willingness to at least try to understand, you should take that as a positive sign and run with it.