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Friday Five: Reasons Thursday’s game left me feeling happy

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#5: No one was injured.

#4: Beltran hit 2 homers, but it wasn’t enough. Just as the Beltran trade is not enough for the ‘Stros to cause the Cubs trouble in the division race.

#3: Sosa won a game in the 10th with a homer. Whether it is justified at this point in his career, Sosa is still seen as the go-to guy for the Cubs when the chips are down. Tonight he was.

#2: Prior went deep into the game.

#1: From “If Wood feels OK on Friday, he’ll make his start with the I-Cubs and then return to the Cubs’ rotation for one start before the All-Star break, probably July 10 or 11 in St. Louis.” Glendon’s been doing fine, but when Wood comes back we’ll get to see what this year’s team is like at (nearly) full strength. I relish the thought of seeing the team at its finest so there is no longer a question in my mind as to what the team could be, if only they were healthy.