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June 2004



I believe I had that one

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Crystal BallEvery now and then, you make a prediction using your crystal ball that people ridicule and laugh at, and something strange happens. It actually happens. Well, I hate to tell you naysayers “I told ya so”, but I did. I Predicted that not only would the Cubs not get Beltran, but that the Astros would to replace Biggio in CF. So far that is the first of what looks to be all my predictions that come true.

I am not too disappointed about this trade for one reason. The fact of the matter is, one player does not all of a sudden make a team win the World Series. If that was the case, we may as well hand the title to the Yankees now, because they have an All-Star team in NY. This is why we play the games. Anyone can get hot or hurt at anytime. Houston has a lot of work to do to catch up to the Cards. Beltran will help, but they still have to get hits. It is going to be a great race down the stretch.


Over on Brian Hipp’s Site I predicted that over this next stretch, the Cubs would do the following.

1-2 vs. St. Louis
5-1 vs Chicago White Sox
2-1 vs Houston

Watch and see my psychic powers!!!!!