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Game 25: Another Lead, Another Loss

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Cubs 3 @ Reds 4

Box Score / Highlights / Condensed Game

What Went Right

  • The Bryan LaHair hitting show rolls on. LaHair smacked home run number seven in a losing cause.
  • Geo Soto went deep for only the second time this season. Starlin Castro touched ‘em all as well.
  • Ryan Dempster tossed eight shut-out innings. He certainly deserved a better fate.
  • No errors for Castro! That’s always good news in my universe.

What Went Wrong

  • I know this is shocking to read, but Carlos Marmol crapped the bed and gave up another lead. I’m not sure what else to say at this point. I didn’t enjoy watching Marmol pitch at his very best, so the 2012 version is like a swift kick to you know where. I can’t imagine another team has any interest in Marmol, which means it’s going to be a very long year.  I guess it was going to be a long year anyway, but you get the point.

Looking For Silver Linings

Do the 9-16 Cubs have you singing the blues? Fear not! Here’s a half-full glass of positive energy for you to choke down:

  • As of this writing, no Cubs have been killed in action.
  • Marlon Byrd is playing for another team. If that doesn’t cheer you up, nothing will.
  • To the best of my knowledge, Dale Sveum hasn’t used the words grit, grinder, gamer, moxie, clutch, or chemistry.
  • Giant chunks of Wrigley Field haven’t fallen on unsuspecting fans this year.
  • The towel drill is now a distant memory in Chicago.
  • Joe Carter isn’t a member of the broadcast team.
  • I haven’t heard Mike Ditka, Jeff Gordon, or Ozzy Osbourne sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” yet.
  • Koyie Hill isn’t the Cubs backup catcher anymore. Another fine example of addition by subtraction.
  • Bryan LaHair is slugging .821 (not a typo) through May 3rd.
  • James Russell is finally being used properly, which means only as a situational lefty reliever.
  • Lil’ Tony Campana got permission from his mom to attend the field trip to the zoo. I hope he remembered his milk money.
  • The Cubs don’t own the rights to Delmon Young or Carl Crawford.
  • The Houston Astros are still members of the National League Central, so last place isn’t a lock.

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