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GirlieView (04/05/2012)

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Hot damn, the season has started!!! It is a great day! Whether the Cubs contend or not, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of Opening Day. Hopefully you have the game on your TV or radio or computer or iPhone or on the overhead projector hidden in an un-used conference room somewhere. Enjoy!


  • [Maholm]’s the type of pitcher that will never win you a game, but rather the guy that has the chance to keep a team in a game. For this team, I’m not completely sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.
  • I will be curious to see where this team sits at the end of the month.
  • Johnson is also an easy player to root for, which I will be more than happy to do in a season that will probably be his swan song with the Cubs.
  • There is always power in the facial hair.
  • Man, what a waste of time!
  • Look for Dale to be aggressive on the bases with DeJesus on the front end of a lot of hit and runs
  • If I’m going to be Dale I need to know if you’re putting a lefty on the mound or a righty.
  • If a manager does not take advantage of platoon splits when constructing a lineup, he is not doing his job.  This is not Little League where your best hitter is your best hitter against everyone.
  • I usually get a phone call from Capn Obvious when the Lizzie’s come out, He babbles on and on about being ahead of me in the standings, blah blah blah. I didn’t get a phone call today, pitty.
  • Today, I consider myself, the luckiest man, on the face of the earth. I MADE THE LIZZIES!!!!
  • Nothing bores me more than talking about the NY Yankees, listening to a broadcast of a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim game or the American League with their DH.
  • It’s funny that you use the word “troll” as that seems to be what you’re doing. That said, thanks for Theo.
  • What do we know about Chris Volstad? Well, for starters, he’s really tall.
  • this guy could be fun to watch.  Or excrutiatingly painful to watch.  Like the rest of the team, really.
  • a nine year deal as a reaction to one player’s misfortune would be a panic move only explained by intoxicating substances or the practices of the insane.
  • the always entertaining Jose Valverde
  • The Sox made no real moves this off-season, unless you count Fukudome, and I am not.
  • anywhere that you’re likely to get knifed is going to be penalized.
  • Planning the mother of all baseball tours including 48 states, 2 provinces and all MLB parks, first year of retirement.
  • We haven’t stuck it to the Orioles in a while, and Kevin Gregg is getting old…
  • A lot of Cub fans will probably respond to the first time they see Trey McNutt, who has been a fairly big prospect since the middle of 2010, by saying, “he has a funny name.”
  • Team executives are hoping against hope that Johan Santana can return from shoulder surgery, Jason Bay can become a feared slugger again, and Daniel Murphy can play second base; even if all three things happen, the Mets are still likely to finish in last place.
  • When the 2011 season ended, every Cubs fan had a list of players and front office types they never wanted to see anywhere near the team again.
  • That’s it? Just 5 teams in the NL central this year? I must have missed a memo.
  • Glance at the roster – there’s a lot more AAA than there is MLB.
  • The Brew crew will be worth watching on the road to see how the reigning most valuable cheater is greeted in various ball parks.
  • Good thing the Astro’s are such a mess so the Cubs won’t come in last place.
  • I hope the Dodgers move to Oklahoma City, it will be safer to attend games over there.
  • And every year, no-name players will surprise their teams in Spring Training and play their way into unexpected roster spots.
  • I have never been able to stomach Jeff Baker. It takes every amount of self-control I can muster not to flip to another channel when he’s up.
  • Another plus to ridding ourselves of Hendry, we aren’t prone to trading from a position of weakness all the time.
  • Essentially my preview would be “blah blah blah Josh Hamilton. Blah Blah Blah, relapse. Blah blah blah, World Series.
  • And are we agreeing twice in two days?  Did one of us get our Disqus log on info stolen?
  • What the hell is wrong with you people? Not a single Cub logo on the board?
  • Selig has sapped the value from both WC spots.  Too bad he was a season too late to give the Cardinals an early exit.
  • Where does Ozzie and Zambrano end up? In the standings that is, the trunk of a car or at the bottom of the Carribean in cement shoes doesn’t count.
  • I had an infatuation with men with 6 fingers on one hand.
  • Joe caught wind of him and brought Sherman and his posse onto the View, the rest is Lizzie history.
  • I was looking for an esteemed group of insightful Cubs fans.  I found VFTB, and said to myself “close enough.”
  • I have been patiently waiting for the ‘King of the Castle’ feature to return for 2 and a half years now.
  • Who is Steve Clevenger? I can break it down in three simple words…..Not Koyie Hill.
  • Much better than the Trib & Sun Times articles about how Soriano feels “good” this spring and is poised to have “a big year.”
  • A catcher with 10 fingers = upgrade.  (Wow the bar is low right now!)
  • Zambran0
  • let’s just go ahead and assume [DeWitt’s] OF glove will have a nice, thick layer of dust on it before it ever picks up any grass stains.
  • If I had my druthers, I would be writing about Bobby Scales today.
  • Blake’s BAR (Beards Above Replacement) could be a solid 1.  I’ll look into this.


  • Who ever is wearing Cubbie Blue , I’m rooting for.

2012 Standings (1 point for each Lizzie, 3 points for the Lizard)

  • Jeremiah Johnson – 36
  • jswanson – 35
  • Doc Raker – 34
  • cap’n Obvious – 28
  • Jedi Johnson – 27
  • Seymour Butts – 27
  • Buddy – 21
  • Chuck – 21
  • JoeAiello – 15
  • Chet    10
  • Dustin Godsey – 10
  • Doug S. – 9
  • Kris – 8
  • Noah – 8
  • gymjok – 5
  • Norm – 5
  • (31 others < 5. I’ll post the full list every month or so.)

Shout Outs

Congrats to the following folks who got their first  2012 Lizzie this week!

  • Bill Mahoney
  • Joe Janish
  • Joshua Worn

Lizzie’s Kitchen

March Madness

Here are the final standings of the VFTB March Madness Pick ’em Tournament! Thanks to all who played along! Congratulations Joe!!

  • Joe Aiello (136)
  • Doug S. (128)
  • THE BOLT (118)
  • Flyslinger2 (110)
  • GirlieView (89)
  • SC Cubs Fan (87)
  • Beckman’s Exercise in Futility (80)
  • Allan Bendert Bracket (78)
  • BSCTS FTW! (78)
  • Speedo Emporium (64)
  • Tom_C (54)
  • Tony #GoCubsGo (54)
  • Pugperro (46)

Chit Chat

No specific topic for chit chat today. Enjoy the game!

  • Chuck

    Cubs up 1-0.  Radio is on.  Chuck is pretending to work.   The sun is shining outside.  What a day.

  • Eddie Von White

    Jeff Baker’s an idiot and Bob is defending him not going after an easy ground ball at first.

  • Chuck

    Dear Ian:
    I’m sorry.  I should never have doubted you.  I hereby declare my undying loyalty and love for you.  Please forgive me.  I was weak.

    • Gymjok


    • Gymjok


  • Yes!  My perfect record is intact! 0 for 2012!!


    Looks like 2012 is off to a lovely start. Since Byrd is the word, when will he get traded?

  • AC0000000

    Looks like 2012 is off to a lovely start. Since Byrd is the word, when will he get traded?