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February 2012



Morning News 2/1

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Words – Aaron Rodgers is disappointed about the results of the Pro Bowl. He said, “I felt like some of the guys on the NFC side embarrassed themselves.” For those who watched the Pro Bowl, you already know that the NFC got their cans kicked, 59-41. In an exhibition game that is mostly for show, Rodgers seems a little a harsh. Maybe he’s a little salty that he’s not going to the Super Bowl. Or maybe he got in a fight with his girlfriend.

Hendry – Brian Cashman needed a new scout for special assignments. Who better to hire than Jim Hendry? That’s exactly what Cashman thought. “Everybody loves the man” and he will be an “invaluable resource.” His “resourcefulness” in Chicago wasn’t exactly what Cubs fans expected. Hopefully he has better luck in New York. Obviously, it is possible to buy luck in New York. It bought the Yankees 27 World Series victories; it can buy Jim Hendry some luck.

Taking Candy from a Baby – Some people get really worked up about tennis players and their clothing. After Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open, he tossed his shirt toward a young girl. A mom swooped in and stole it, dashing the young girls dreams of having the T shirt of a sweaty man to hang on her wall. Gross. However, the little girl was very upset and wants the shirt back. The mom is “keeping it.” Rough day.

Tweet of the Day: Jeremy Guthrie says it all, here.

Baseball-Themed Song of the Day:

  • Buddy

    Hopefully the NFL wises up one day and scraps the Pro Bowl for good.

  • Randall

    Not when 12.9 million people watch it they won’t. Highest rated show of the day. Second highest? Pregame show. Not going anywhere.


    I wish they’d go back to the way it was before, have it after the Super Bowl. Why are guys going half-hearted though? I understand the concern for safety, but there are all sorts of rules changes for the Pro Bowl alone in regards to safety.
    Words – Woooooooo Rodgers got a hottie
    Hendry – What a joke. He sucks
    Taking candy from a baby – That’s awful
    Tweet – Hilarious


    Now that it’s February, only 2 more months until baseball is back. Which means only 3 more months until the Cubs make me start the football countdown


    A friend posted this on my fb:
    The Sex Offender Shuffle
    Way better than the Super Bowl Shuffle

    We’re not here to start no trouble, we’re legally required to do the sex offender shuffle!

  • Doug S.

    Pro Bowl…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…the worst of the all-star games………..MLB…the BEST!!!!!
    Yep, Aaron’s got hot girl. Quite the “other links” on that web site.
    Hendry. He could be fine in NY as long as he’s not the guy making decisions. Cashman can weigh his views and use accordingly. Nice little gig for Hendry.
    Sweaty man stuff, no thanks. Sweaty girl stuff…..(OK, I thought about it)….no thanks.

  • Eddie Von White

    A-Rod – He’s a nice guy, not afraid to say what everybody else was saying in their living rooms. The Pro-Bowl’s a joke.

    Hendry – I hope he does well in his new digs, but I hope the Cubs do better.

    Taking candy from a baby – Self is God – everybody’s a diva.

    Blake Griffin – Really good basketball player

    Love the baseball tunes – don’t care who sings them, keep ’em coming.

  • Jedi

    It’s easy to have a big mouth like Rodgers when you KNOW you’re being actively coddled by the refs. QBs get handled with kid gloves during the regular season, you can barely breathe on them wrong during the Pro Bowl.

    Better question about Rodgers – why is it ok for him to essentially sell his “touchdown dance” to State Farm, but a guy like Vernon Davis gets flagged for simply rising to a platform (never mind all the GB players who jump in the stands constantly). Rodgers’ whole career is predicated on a double standard in one way or another – most time he’s the beneficiary. He’s the exact wrong person to be whining about guys in the Pro Bowl not caring enough.

  • flyslinger2

    The Pro Bowl is a beauty contest. Everyone gets to strut their stuff to the drum beat of hiphop noise. Dress up in their finest threads. They display their regalia on their chests and walk away with large parting gifts. They don’t play to their potential at all for fear of a career ending injury and then they go chase thongs on the beach for hours afterwards. It is a waste of time.

  • Buddy

    I know you’re right Randall, but I’m holding out hope.


    Jedi – Jumping into the stands after a TD is prohibited in the NFL, but the Lambeau Leap was grandfathered in


    I never this about Todd Ricketts:
    Now I really want to visit the WWII museum in Nawlins. I didn’t go when I was there bc I couldn’t find parking, and I really wanted to see the LSU stadium