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Retro Prospect Profile

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I’m a big fan of prospect handbooks to the point that it makes my wife annoyed that I keep them once they’ve gotten past the year when they were written. I keep them because it’s fun to look back and some guys now that they’ve hit or missed and see what was said about them back in the day. Here are a couple of examples from the 2006 Prospect Handbook written by John Sickels. See if you can guess who they are. Only one was in the Cubs system at the time it was written, but both have Cubs ties.

Profile # 1

“_______ has power and lots of it. He controls the strike zone very well, boosting his OBP and enabling him to see enough cripple pitches to generate plenty of home runs, at least at the minor league level. Scouts worry that his bat may be too passive for the Major Leagues, and that pitchers with the right combination of stuff and aggressiveness will be able to contain him. His MLEs show him as a .240ish hitter at the ML level, albeit with enough power and walks to be useful. He is versatile defensively, best at first base but he can play third or corner outfield in a pinch. I don’t think he will hit quite enough to be a regular, at least for a good team, but he could help some clubs as a platoon player / pinch hitter / Ron Coomer-style guy.”

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Profile # 2

“Drafted in the first round out of a Missouri high school in 2004, ______ has tremendous offensive potential that he is just now starting to tap. Nagging injuries held him down in the first half of last year, but he heated up as the summer progressed, and finished the campaign on a tear in the Florida State League. _______ has a picture-perfect swing from the left side, the kind of swing that should keep his batting average high and produce lots of power. His strike zone judgement needs work, though he is adept at making contact against stuff that other players would chase and miss. I’m high on his bat. His glove is a problem. He is OK at third base, but is blocked by __________ at that position. He may end up at second base, but will need time to settle in. I predict a major offensive breakout for _______ in 2006.”

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  • #1 – Raker
    #2 – The tax attorney from Yuma, from Randy Hundley’s Fantasy Camp
    *Note to editor, typos: 2004 >> 1904; 2006 >> 1906


    1. I was going to see Pie until the end, but I am going to guess Brian Dopriak or Brandon Sing, who were our top 1B prospects when Lee missed training camp for the World Baseball Classic, and couldn’t be called up in 2006 when Lee broke his wrist because one had a broken foot, and the other stunk up the joint.
    2. Dusty’s white son Jeff Baker?

  • mrbaseball2usa

    Joe, this is a great idea! I’d love to see this get traction (though it pains me to see who we were so high on never make it).


  • chuck

    1: Carlos Pena
    2: Josh Vitters

  • No one has guessed either yet.

  • Correction: BLPCB got Brandon Sing correct for player profile # 1


    Is #2 AAAron Miles?


    Which one of those 2 had a broken foot when Lee broke his wrist in 2006?

  • it’s not aaron miles. Keep in mind that if you click the link it will tell you who they both are.


    I want to take a few guesses before doing that.


    Like how i got #1 right

  • cap’n obvious

    Only because I have friends and family in St. Louis, do I know that #2 is Dewitt. He is from Sikeston…which is about 1/2 mile from Cousinfuckersville, Missouri. I played summer ball back in the old days with guys from that area. Think Deliverance. The real cousin Eddie exists, and he is from the Sikeston area.

    This is an example of how high scouts can get on a high school guy who looks awesome against garbage competition, and how that guy can turn that misguided excitement into first round jack. Once that first round jack is paid, the franchise (in this case, the Dodgers)will fast track a guy through the minors and ignore serious flaws like a lack of any pop or foot speed. Not saying he’s not a good player, but not a first round pick, and not even close to an everyday big leaguer.

  • The scouts probably just put too much stock in his AHRBWBI (Almost Home Runs But Wind Blowing In) and ASBBTMB1B (Almost Stolen Base But Too Muddy By First Base.) That, and DeWitt has a very unlucky BABIP.


    Wow. Who was blocking DeWitt in LA? This is fun, can you post a few more of these? I would love to see what the books say about Pie and the Patterson brothers

  • Doc Raker

    Ok Capn but did you have dinner with him?