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Morning News: Afternoon Edition, Part Deux

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Strike One:  The Dodgers are a step closer to being sold–or at least a half step.  Monday was the deadline for submitting bids on the team, but as this article points out, they’re still accepting bids.  So far, prospective owners include Joe Torre, Magic Johnson, Mark Cuban, the family of Roy Disney, and former Dodgers owner Peter O’Malley, and bunch of other businessmen and hedge fund managers with less name-recognition.  Now begins the slow process of vetting those bidders for MLB approval.  Selection of the winning bid is scheduled for April 1st, and the sale is to be completed by April 30th.

Strike Two:  Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas sat out the team’s visit to the White House Monday, and his absence has caused some controversy, at least with ESPN Boston’s Joe McDonald.  Yahoo Sports’ Greg Wyshynski was much less worked up about Thomas’ decision, which he points out is in keeping with Thomas’ conservative political beliefs.  Thomas explained his decision in a statement on his Facebook page.  And just for fun, here’s my favorite moment from last year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Foul Tip:  New Jersey governor Chris Christie said Monday that the friendly wagers politicians make over playoff games between their home teams are “really stupid.”  Indeed.

Strike Three:  It appears Peyton Manning knows he’s on his way out of Indianapolis.  At least he doesn’t sound optimistic that he’s going to stay through all the coaching and front office upheaval.  If he’s right, the story of the offseason will be the competition for his services.

  • cap’n obvious

    I thought Thomas handled himself beautifully. Does anyone really believe that Sean Penn or Springsteen would have blown off a visit to the Bush White House with this much class? His explanation was very non-partisan, and it was his right to stay away, for whatever reasons he wanted to.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Agreed, Cap. The McDonald article I linked had me laughing out loud at the idea this would somehow fracture the team.

  • Tim Thomas was great in Home Improvement. My favorite one was the episode where the power tool got out of his control and wrecked some junk. Real side-splitter.

    • gymjok

      Good news for the Cubs.
      Bad news for the White Sox.
      Fielder to the Tigers for 9 years.
      No word on if he’ll be at 1B or DH.

  • Norm

    Prince Fielder to the Tigers for 9 years, $216M

  • I’ll be goddamned. Didn’t see that coming…

  • MJ

    Tim Thomas played in the NBA. Tim Taylor was the character on Home Improvement.

  • Another awesome Tool Time episode was the one where the wife got mad at Tim Thomas for something. He messed some stuff up with a power tool I think. That guy is a serious cut-up.

  • Jedi

    Been saying it would take more than 7 years to get him for a LONG time now…a bit surprised that the Tigers sprung for him. I think that the Rangers are the team that has been hit hardest this off-season – both the Angels and Tigers got significantly better making it harder for the Rangers to get to the post-season and then to win if they manage to get there. In the meantime they took perhaps the biggest chance of anyone with the investment in Darvish.

  • Smitty

    Strike 1..i hope joe torre gets em..mark cuban is a douche

    Strike 2..good for him..i would have done the exact same thing..i just hate how hes being lambasted for his decision..yet in the past, other celebrities have refused to see bush and were praised by the likes of keith olbermann

    Foul tip..i think its an old tradition and its become part of sports

    Strike 3..manning to the bears

  • chuck

    Strike 1: Wake me up when they narrow it down to a few.
    Strike 2: You may dislike the person who holds the office, but you should respect the office itself. I would not pass up the chance to meet the President unless he was some sort of war-criminal.
    Foul Tip: Yes, they are stupid. But they are amusing nonetheless.
    Stike 3: I bet he does not play another snap in the NFL. Neck injuries are nothing to mess with. It is just not worth risking being paralyzed at this stage of his career.

  • cap’n obbvious

    I am tired of all of this Tim Tebow, Tim Thomas, Tim Taylor onslaught in the media. Give me some news about a guy with a different first name.

  • Smitty

    @chuck..i agree with you on respecting the office..but I’d only respect the office if the president respected it himself..when you invite racist rappers to the white house and spend your presidential career golfing and congratulating your wife for opening a twitter account, thats anything but respect

  • chuck

    Presidents are people too. The only difference, besides snappy suits, is that they are on camera 24/7. I know that they should know what they are getting into, but everyone needs to cut everyone some slack.
    P.S.: I am no liberal, however I am a Liberal in the classical sense of the word.

  • Smitty

    I just think that he should be a bit more careful about what he does and who he interacts end up alienating a lot of people otherwise..and we’re officially on day 1000 without a budget being passed..I’d say he has had too much f***ing slack..and now he says we’ll have a budget by february 13..federal law states out must be done by feb 6..but who cares about the law, right?


    Strike 1: Disney has already owned a baseball team, the LA Angels. The Dodgers go against everything Disney stands for with the fan attack last year
    Strike 2: Who cares if he doesn’t want to meet Barry?
    Foul tip: Why can’t politicians spend this time fixing the country? Barry goes on ESPN every year to give his NCAA tournament picks
    Strike 3: I think we have seen the last of the 6-5, 230 lb QB with a laser rocket arm in the NFL. The neck is not something to mess around with. In other news related to the Colts, they are interviewing Jim Tressel for their coaching vacancy. The sweater vest would be an awful choice IMO. And whoever suggested Manning to the Bears, would he be the starter or the backup? Because Barry understands just how important having a good backup is, he would like Rodgers backing up Cutler.


    Nice to see that Fielder signed with the Tigers. One of the best win-win-win-lose plans I ever saw:
    Win: The Brewers are weakened by Fielder leaving
    Win: The Cubs don’t have to deal with Tubby Veggy 18 times a year anymore. At most we will have to deal with him 3 times a year
    Win: The Tigers get a replacement for Victor Martinez, and when he returns, they will have a really really really really really really really really really scary 3-4-5 in Cabrera, Martinez, and Fielder
    Lose: The White Sox will have to deal with said 3-4-5 18 times a year for many years. Fielder and Cabrera will be together for at least the next 4 years.
    Legend has it, as a pre-teen, Fielder went yard into the upper deck at old Tiger Stadium

  • Buddy

    How soon until some full-of-crap writer or talking head claims that he/she knew Prince would land in Detroit?

  • Smitty

    Manning would be third

    @BLPCB..why is them beating the white sox 18 times a season a lose? I’m pretty stoked that now they have absolutely no chance in the AL central

  • Buddy

    I liked David Schoenfield’s take on the Prince signing…

    “Yes, this situation will create a logjam in 2013 when Martinez returns with two years and $25 million left on his contract. But I don’t think Tigers owner Mike Ilitch cares one bit about 2013 or how much Fielder will weigh in 2020. The contract is certainly excessive and likely to be an albatross by the end of it, but if Fielder helps deliver a World Series title to the Tigers in 2012, I’m pretty sure Ilitch will take your criticism and stuff it inside the crust of one of his pizzas.”


    It’s a lose for the White Sox

  • Seymour Butts

    I’ll let politics mostly slide, but it’s hard to blame the President for congress not passing a budget.
    Don’t care about the Dodgers or Colts.
    Highlight of today in fantasy camp was the appearence of about 20 mostly minor league Cubs. Ryan Dempster was their obvious ring leader and told a long funny story about playing for Jim Leyland in Miami and how Leyland went on a long Gregg laden tirade about the pitchers laughing at a joke when the team was getting slaughtered. This was the year after the Marlins won the WS and sold off the team. Leylands tirade included this fact in that he was now stuck with these pieces of Gregg players. It concluded in the locker room with Leyland saying he would have any one still in the locker room when he finished his cigar arrested for impresonating a ball player.
    Tony Campana was asked how big his glove was. He said normal sized, it only looks big due to his stature. Demp said Tony was the fastest person he’d ever seen, and that the inside the park job saved him $500. He Had a bet with Tony about who would hit a tripple first, and so he was on the bench yelling to send him home so he would not stop at 3rd. Demp said he figured he would have a lot more at bats than Tony so it was a fair bet.
    Matt Szczur missed 2 months of his junior season in college when he was a bone marrow donor for a total stranger. Nice.

    And Joe Pepitone asked them to talk about their first expirence with road tail. All declined, but all present were amused.
    Lost a pair of squeakers, now 2-2.

  • Chalk the ‘L’s up to unlucky team BABIP and grilled turkey sandwich-induced malnutrition. Appreciate the update Butts…really hoping Cap’n’s mention of video footage manifests itself.

  • cap’n obbvious

    I sent Joe a photo via email today….I hope he can get it up at some point…


    I don’t want to drag this thread political, but Doc, I asked some of my friends about your tax idea, they kind of like it:

  • Doc Raker

    Your friends are smart BLCPB.
    Tim Thomas is my hero.


    I asked my 7th grade history teacher this is what he said:
    It opens the door to an army of tax attorneys and politicians with their hands out waiting to decide who is worthy and who is who. Do podiatrists get taxed higher than oncologists? Does a plastic surgeon or an orthodontist count as a doctor? When is somebody an entrepreneur and when is somebody an entertainer? Who will be the “wise man” to differentiate? Do we also have to consult the wise man to determine which entrepreneurial products have value and what do not? Also, it’s very subjective to say that a star athlete is less important than a teacher. Teachers are dime a dozen, and just about anyone can be trained to teach. There is only one Tom Brady. How many jobs does he create by drawing the fans and selling the merchandise? How many children have health insurance because of his talents? How many people does he inspire to try their hardest? Clearly a teacher could never inspire that many people, let alone create a single job other than his own. Think about the ultimate destination of the society that starts to openly categorize some people as worth more than others.


    Tim Thomas was a piece of garbage when he played for the Bulls. The Bulls got him the first time because he had to be included to make the Eddy Curry trade work, and then once he got to the Bulls, he was a lazy slob. Then during bring back ex-Bulls week in February 2009, he did the same crap again.

  • Kris

    Thank you, Seymour, for knowing and pointing out whose job it is to pass the budget. Can you tell the people in Congress, too, because they seem to have forgotten? 🙂

    I’d hate to see Peyton Manning leave Indy or the NFL on anything but his own terms–the guy has earned my respect. Sadly, I don’t think he’ll be playing again.

  • Doc Raker

    BLPCB- We are already there. The government picks and chooses who pays more tax all the time. Run a government favored solar company, pay no tax and get tax payer subsidies. Go bankrupt, don’t worry those folks who are politically connected to the policy makers steps to the front of the line in getting their investment returned. We live in a system of crony capitalism where lobbyist and government policy makers curry favor with each other to all of our detriment.
    * For 2 years the Democrats owned both houses of Congress and the White House and failed to pass a budget. For the past year the Democrats owned 2 of those 3 houses and only recently passed a budget that woefully fails in addressing our growing debt problem. The only adult in the beltway that put forth a real budget that attempted to address our growing debt problem was Paul Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin. The Democrats didn’t want to put forth a budget because they didn’t want to admit they have no intention of seriously addressing our growing debt problem. Talking about increasing taxes on the rich which would do virtually nothing to our growing debt problem is all the Democrats want to do. Not because it is a solution to our problems but because they think it will garner votes for themselves. Obama is incompetent, ignorant and only concerned with one American job, his.


    Couldn’t you say that about all politicians, not just Barry? The only job they care about is theirs?

  • flyslinger2

    I love politics. It’s 11:36 a.m. EST as I compose this and I am hurriedly trying finish this, lunch and a few other things before my buddy, Rush Limbaugh is on at noon. Please remember that the founding fathers (who were patriots that knew what it felt like to have a bullet whiz by them or possibly even be hit by one so we can sit peacefully at our computer in a climate controlled room and pontificate the merits of baseball contracts and statistics in picking the next left handed hitting slugger) determined that the construct of our government was to ward off the single minded rules making of monarchy, dictator or despot. They also structured the government so that the will of the people would be heard when new legislation was introduced. The will of the people is represented through elections. In 2010 the will of the people dictated that the house would be ruled by more conservative minded individuals (and dare I say more intelligent? oops!) to BALANCE what was happening in the White House and Senate. The whole structure of our WONDERFUL government is about balance, discipline and measured improvement. It is NOT about bi-partisanship. Bi-partisanship is about one person temporarily putting their personal world view on hiatus so that someone else can get their way based on their personal world view. Bi-partisanship is crap. A simple up and down vote is what should dictate who wins on either side of any debate.
    S1 – another speculative offering in the making. Maybe MLB should weed out the deadwood, unprofitable markets, so that other profitable markets can thrive and prosper?
    S2 – TT was absolutely within his right as a citizen to not suspend his personal world view and attend a function held by someone with whom he has deep convictions that is not upholding the most sacred office in the nation.
    FT – Christie was really stupid to hang his hat on a presidential candidate that is as exciting as watching curling during the winter Olympics.
    S3 – The rumor mill here in the DC area is that he is coming to the Redskins. Another brilliant move by an owner who can only get has been QB’s and when he actually has a rookie QB with raw talent and a good future ahead of him hires coaches that ruins them.

  • chuck

    I thought the founding fathers constructed this government to make it difficult to get things done thereby making it a more muted response to swings in pubic opinion?
    It was also a Republic in the beginning where only male citizen (white) landholders could vote (if I remember correctly).

  • Blow-hards like Limbaugh are missing the point fully when they wax about democracy. Political parties, the electoral college (seriously…the electoral college?) and the rest of the antiquated bullshit is adding unnecessary layers to a ‘power by the people’ government. Partisanship, bi-partisanship, tri-partisanship…whatever. We now have the technology to make statements publicly, track voting records publicly, and research issues publicly. The whole thing is a joke.

  • Kris

    Stand back…VFTB has gone political! This ought to be interesting. 🙂

  • Buddy

    The next time we have interesting political talk at VFTB, it will be the first time.

  • cap’n obvious

    don’t sweat it, Buddy…this happens every year a few weeks before pitchers and catchers report. The State of the Union bovine-by-product speech happens during a time when our options for banter are reduced to the (zzzzzz) super bowl and what washed up crappy ex-Cub Seymour is planning dinner and ballerinas with in Mesa at Fat-nasy (not a typo) Camp. So we get political. A little. It’s better than hearing what Manny Trillo ordered as an appetizer at the Pink Pony, or worse yet, how Seymour chastised him for said app’s terrible effect on his aging cardiovascular system.

  • Buddy

    Yep. Just trying to throw in a little humor. Very little, some might say.


    In regards to taxes, how does giving a tax break to LeBron or Brady create more jobs? These guys won the genetic lottery and are cashing in.

  • Doc Raker

    bLPCB- All politicians are worried about their own job for sure but it is Obama who has been stumping all over the country talking about creating jobs when he overtly is blocking job creation.
    The question on raising taxes is really: How will raising taxes on the rich make the poor less poor? It won’t, it is just class warfare, populism – it has no basis as a solution to our real problems.