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January 2012



Useless Trivia: Cubs Hitting Streaks

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Today’s useless trivia revolves around hitting streaks. Since 1989, the first year I really followed the Cubs as an 11 year old, there have been 10 Cubs to amass a hitting streak of more than 15 games. Can you name them?


Jerome Walton

Derrek Lee

Alfonso Soriano

Mark Grace

Aramis Ramirez

Sammy Sosa

Rondell White

Ryne Sandberg

Marlon Byrd

Jose Vizcaino

View the streaks

No need to post your guesses in the comments since the answer is in the post, but I would like to know how many you guessed before looking at the answer.

  • Smitty

    I guessed 7 of them

  • Seymour Butts

    Got 5, but I’m distracted.
    Off to Fitch park.

  • cap’n obvious

    Rondell White was on the Cubs? Alf was a bit shocking…I realize he is streaky, but I can’t remember one hot streak lasting as long as any of his cold ones.

  • Dusty Baylor

    Mick Kelleher
    Pete LaCock
    Larry Biittner
    Mike Vail
    Davey Rosello
    Gary Scott
    Tim Blackwell
    Joe Wallis
    George Mitterwald
    Steve Dillard
    Jerry Martin
    Mike Tyson
    Ken Reitz
    Derrick May
    Kevin Roberson

    Wait..that’s wrong?

  • Joe

    I Hated Derrick May so much. He swung so hard and had so little power.

    Roberson was my guy.

  • Smitty

    Lol @ mike tyson

  • Smitty

    I just found an old mike tyson baseball card..i knew once I saw that name I had one

  • Dusty Baylor

    Tyson was no Ken Reitz….who apparently left his lucky bat in St. Louis…. .215/.261/.281

  • JCstats

    I got five. Not terrible I suppose.

  • I guessed Walton, Grace, Sandberg, Sosa & Aram (5 right)
    I was wrong and guessed Eric Young, Juan Pierre, Todd Walker, Dwight Smith and Starlin Castro…

  • chuck

    Walton and Smith make me sad. Have the Cubs ever had a pair of players come up through the minors at the same time with such promise only to crater so badly. The lesson I learned was: Never trust a rookie.