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January 2012



Darvish Domino Falls…Whither Goes the Prince? Oh, and Rob Lowe…

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Darvish Lands in Arlington:  Yu Darvish, the latest “next big thing” from Japan agreed to terms on a six year, $60 million deal to bring his talented right arm to the Texas Rangers. The Rangers are on the hook for $116 million in total for Darvish after paying a $56 million posting fee to the Nippon-Ham Fighters for the right to negotiate with their ace. The Rangers’ window to negotiate with Darvish was set to close at 5 p.m., and the team completed the deal just before their window expired. A few questions remain following the Darvish signing:

1) Darvish’s numbers in Japan were certainly impressive…but we’ve seen that before, haven’t we Mr. Matsuzaka? Will Darvish live up to the hype and help the Rangers fill the void at the top of their rotation caused by the departure of C.J. Wilson, or will he follow in a long line of disappointing Japanese star pitchers in America?

2) What happens to Prince Fielder now? Darvish was believed to be the last domino that needed to fall before the Prince Fielder sweepstakes could conclude. If Darvish and the Rangers didn’t come to terms, it seemed likely that Prince would be playing deep in the heart of Texas next year. Now? It’s less clear…Washington? Seattle? One thing seems likely, it probably won’t be Texas.

3) Is there a better team name in all of sports than the Nippon-Ham Fighters? I’ll answer for you. No.

The Tainted MVP to Speak: Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun, who was handed a 50-game suspension for violating MLB’s substance abuse policy (read: got busted for PEDs), will accept his 2011 National League MVP award in person and will speak at the upcoming Baseball Writer’s Association of America on Saturday. I’ve got to say, “It’s B.S.” doesn’t make for a very compelling acceptance speech.

Big NFL News Leaked By the Bartlett White House: Well, Rob Lowe hasn’t created an internet stir like this since…wait, the internet wasn’t around in 1989, was it? Any way, Lowe jumped into the spotlight this afternoon with a tweet announcing that his sources told him that Peyton Manning would be retiring from the NFL. Manning’s father denied the “report” later in the day, but one has to wonder where Lowe (a known Colts fan) was getting his information. According the the story, the actor was the very first person that Colts owner Jim Irsay followed after joining Twitter. Hmmm…

This is a Cubs site, after all: Today, the Cubs signed Jason Jaramillo to a minor league contract. Yes, Jason Jaramillo. Rejoice, Cubs fans…The Theo may have just found us a replacement for Koyie Hill!


  • Eddie Von White

    1) I don’t understand all the hype about the Japanese League players. Our has-beens go over there to finsih out their careers, and their “stars” come over here to fail. I know a few of them have proven out, but the odds are not in Darvish’ favor. But if someone was dangling 60 million bucks in my face, I’d take it. I’d even take 6 mil.
    2)Prince will not make a team good, but he will make a difference on a good team.
    3) I will say it again, bacon is meat candy.

    Ryan Braun and Rob Lowe – ho hum.
    Jason Jaramillo – Note to self, remember that name, he may be famous someday.

  • chuck

    I think the Darvish hype is more stuff-based than pure numbers-based.

  • MJ

    “Is there a better team name in all of sports than the Nippon-Ham Fighters? I’ll answer for you. No”
    Yes there is. The Monterey Biscuits.

  • Doc Raker

    Albuquerque Isotopes has always been a favorite as well as the Blue Claws with their marketing tee shirts, ‘Got Crabs’.

  • Lee

    The shocking thing about the Rob Lowe thing is that anyone even found out about his tweet. That must mean people actually follow Rob Lowe on Twitter…

  • cap’n obvious

    -Seems the Rangers could have just re-signed CJ Wilson, gotten a better commodity, and saved about $70 million.

    -As long as Barry Bonds is still the season and career home run king, I am just fine with Braun accepting his juiced up MVP.

    1970’s Illinois High School basketball included teams called the Cobden Appleknockers and the Pekin Chinks. Surprised there wasn’t a team called the Biscuits or Crabs.

    We can add Jason Jaramillo to the existing pile of suck that Epstein has thus far acquired.


    I’ve always been fond of the Isotopes name. Whenever I hear it or see it, I always think of Homer Simpson fulfilling a lifelong dream of running onto the field and costing the Isotopes the pennant:

  • Norm

    Darvish’s numbers were much better than Dice-K’s and I still think its a bit premature to say Braun was PEDs…and I dislike Braun more than anyone else in the game.


    Braun doped. He is using the same excuses Floyd Landis used. His suspension is not being overturned. He should have his MVP award stripped

    • Norm

      I don’t think it will be overturned and unless they decide to start stripping MVP’s and Cy Young’s and Hall of Fame plaques from the last 60 years, I’m not on board with that either.

  • Check the article on…Byrd has dropped 40 pounds since October. No word on whether Fast Tony got fat this winter…

  • Oh god. We invited RoLo to Mesa.


    Byrd is the word! That’s great he’s losing weight. Hopefully it will help him get off to a good start and we can get a better return for him

  • Buddy

    Byrd could weigh 185 or 265. He still won’t get on base. The guy swings at everything. Please move him!

  • Buddy

    Sam Seaborn, Colts insider. Who knew?


    I don’t get all this about why Manning and Luck can’t co-exist. Manning only has a few years left in him. And really, who cares if he plays for someone else. If he wants to play the game he loves and someone else wants him, let him go