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Northside Archives: Trade Compensation

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The Cubs are still sorting out the trade compensation they’ll be sending the Red Sox for “acquiring” Theo Epstein. You may recall that this little matter was either to be settled by November 1st or at that time it would become a matter for the commissioner’s office. The organizations have mutually agreed to let it drag on this long for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the cozy relationship between Epstein (and Jed Hoyer) and Red Sox GM Ben Cherington.

The most obvious precedent for such a transaction is actually in the Cubs’ past. Andy MacPhail was hired by the Cubs in 1994 and in return the Twins received the forgettable Hector Trinidad. A hard throwing righty who had performed well at the A and AA levels for the Cubs, Trinidad wasn’t able to duplicate that success in the Twins organization.

Bud Selig, fresh off his most recent “I’m going to retire” contract extension saga, will be in charge of sorting out the requisite compensation. It’s reasonable to expect he’ll require the Cubs to send more than the 2012 version of Hector Trinidad.

Just this past off-season, the Marlins sent two players (Ozzie Martinez and Jhan Marinez) to the White Sox in return for Ozzie Guillen. Ten years ago Lou Piniella was “dealt” from Seattle to Tampa bay in return for Randy Winn and Antonio Perez. The Pirates traded for Chuck Tanner in 1976, sending Manny Sanguillen to Oakland in the process. And two years before they were the “Amazins” the Mets “acquired” their future World Series manager Gil Hodges by sending Bill Denehy to the Washington Senators (Texas Rangers). It was 1960 when the first manager was traded – for another manager. That year the Tigers and Indians swapped managers.

Trading a coach has happened in other sports, Jon Gruden and Bill Belichick (NFL) have been traded. Pat Riley (NBA) has been traded, in a manner of speaking; after the Heat tampered while attempting to lure him, the league ordered compensation to the Knicks. Yet trading an executive is still a relative novelty in most sports.

There isn’t a lot of precedence for this type of deal which makes Selig’s job even more difficult. If the Cubs can get away with something similar to the Marlins package for Guillen it’ll be a relative bargain. First though, Selig needs to identify assets within the Cubs system that Boston might possibly want – perhaps the toughest task of all.


    I say give them Soriano for free

  • Here, I’ll save you some writing…just post this when you are lacking an insightful comment:
    “blah blah blah Soriano sux lol blah blah”
    Nice write up Jedi…curious how this plays out.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    I wrote on the @vftb twitter feed yesterday that putting this decision in Selig’s hands scares me. I hoped the two teams could work something out, but I guess the Red Sox’ demands stayed too high. Here’s hoping Selig doesn’t listen to them and give away the farm. Seeing the precedents above, it seems less likely he’ll give them Garza or some other high-value talent. Nice job, Jedi.

  • Memphis via Chicago

    I say we give them player(s) that you could describe with my Anti-spam word: Suckage!

    Seriously, aside from my desire to close this deal (mostly so that we can just move on) I would really think some low ceiling single A ball players would get it done. How much can you expect for a guy who can’t go yard, play a position, or throw at least a 90mph strike?


    Here is a question for thought: If Boston agreed to take Soriano and his contract off our hands in return for Garza or Castro, would you do it? Castro I would say no, Garza, I would consider it

  • Buddy

    What’s Twitter?

  • flyslinger2

    Twitter is the tiny little particle that combines with the God particle in subatomic reactions. The end result is a playboy spread of Roseanne.
    Selling is a dingus. We will get screwed on that deal.

  • Don’t belittle the Higgs boson. It may appear clever when you type it, but don’t do it.

  • chuck

    The ultimate “F U” response from Theo would be “OK. The Sox want too much for me. I am going to send myself back and resume my GM duties.”


    And while he is there, he strips the Red Sox team and gives them our junk

  • Seymour…Seymour…

  • MJ

    Yeesh to this entire line of comments.

  • Charlie

    Give the R Sox Vitters, he sucks anyway. Cub Fans look at
    the Roster,no real RBI man except Soriano, perhaps LaHair.
    Stewart also sucks, only a platton players with Baker.

  • Smitty

    I’d give em just about any player minus garza our the younger guys like rizzo or castro..anyone else can go..not like they’ve helped us contend in the past and 2012 is a rebuilding year right? Move on and be done with it