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January 2012



Morning News: Paying Off Hit-and-Run Victims and Other News

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Strike One:  Cubs Convention Roundup  The annual Cubs Convention was held over the weekend–did anyone go?  It was an eventful year for the convention, kicking off with the surprise appearance of a newly re-signed Kerry Wood.  There was also news from Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, who made it clear he’s open to eating salary if his new front office thinks it’s best for the team.  (In that same article, team albatross Alfonso Soriano told reporters he’d be willing to waive his no-trade rights, but only if he’s able to go to a contender.  You know, because most contenders are looking to add an overpaid DH.)  Speaking of low-effort players, new Cubs manager Dale Sveum talked about his distaste for “lollygagging” (scroll down) and the necessity of playing with an edge.  Most of all, Cubs fans swarmed to the convention this year to greet the new front office brain trust.

Strike Two:  Playoff Atmosphere   Baltimore handled Houston.  Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and (surprisingly!) the Patriots’ defense assassinated the Super Bowl hopes of Broncos Tebow fans everywhere. And the large contingent of Green Bay fans in VFTB family means I need to choose my words carefully when discussing the Packers’ no-show on Sunday.  By far the best game of the weekend was the down-to-the-wire shootout between the Saints and the 49ers.  Regardless of who you were cheering for, one of the lasting images of this NFL season has to a sobbing Vernon Davis bear hugging his head coach after catching the game-winning touchdown.  I think I’m a 49ers for the next couple weeks.

Foul Tip:  Moving Violation  If you intentionally hit someone with your car, it’s going to take more than $150 to keep them from going to the police.

Strike Three:  Shipwreck  Almost thirty people are still unaccounted for in that Italian cruise ship that ran aground and partially capsized off the Tuscan coast last Friday night.  If you haven’t seen the shocking photos and videos from this real-life Poseidon Adventure, be sure to scroll through the article I linked above.  Because of the way the ship rolled, most of the lifeboats were useless.  The vast majority of the survivors were forced to swim the short distance the the coast.  Making the situation much worse, the several crew members reportedly abandoned the emergency procedure, leaving most of the guests to fend for themselves.  The ship’s captain has been arrested, as it appears the accident was the direct result of negligence on his part.


    Strike 1: I like what the Cubs front office is doing. I have a feeling this regime will be different from all the others that have brought us hope and change (sounds like Barry lol) and his one will finally bring us to the promised land. I don’t think they will be a dud like Barry
    Strike 2: Pissed off the Packers lost. They need to fix up that defense. Blow it up and build around Matthews, Hawk, and Raji.
    Foul tip: As Nelson Muntz would say: HA! HA! I hope the man kept the $150.
    Strike 3: What an awful captain

  • chuck

    Strike 1: I think the Theo love has gone too far. I understand that he has a good background and history of producing winning teams. However, some of that has to be attributed to having a nearly limitless wallet. Everyone needs to step back, take a deep breath and ease up on the hero-worship until some games are played.
    Strike 2: They are still playing football?! Another thing I don’t understand is all the Tebow hate. He seems like a nice enough guy. He is not a degenerate rapist like Big Ben. He is not an animal torturer like Vick. He has never been accused of murder like Ray Lewis. He does not preach like a Jessie Jackson wannabe like Deion or Irvin. What is the problem? He seems like a nice, hardworking and humble guy who is fighting against the odds to be the best he can be. Isn’t that the American dream? I don’t get it.
    Tip: Just as I suspected. Karaoke is the root of all evil.
    Strike 3: He will be shanked in prison in no time.

  • flyslinger2

    1-I still like the management style.
    2-Sports is part emotion and some of that needs to be exhibited by an aggressive (marked by combative readiness-Merriam Webster) preparation to play.
    FT-That driver needs a good lawyer cause his butt is toast.
    3-One report I read the captain was trying to get closer to the island to wave to a friend. Oops.

  • Dusty Baylor

    I will say,in my case, the Tebow “hate” is from him getting waaaay too much credit for the Broncos season. The team started winning because he didn’t turn the ball over, and the defense decided to show up the rest of the season. Other teams let the Broncos hang around…hang around, and start playing a prevent defense..and Tebow suddenly starts throwing to wide open receivers, as they get to dink and dunk down the field 15 yards at a time. I will say, he threw some great deep passes against the Steelers in the playoffs. But he’s not a good QB yet. Completing 46.5% of your passes won’t get it. He does a lot of good things off the field, and is a good person. He is a below average QB.

  • gymjok

    Congratulations Jeremiah !
    I see your Zambrano article made it to ESPN in the sweetspot section. Sweet!

  • 1 – So far, so good. I’ve no complaints.

    2 – Green Bay just did not show up. There’s always next year…where did I learn that?

    FT – I would never have predicted karaoke would stick for this long.

    3 – Incompetence is everywhere.

  • @Jeremiah – “You know, because most contenders are looking to add an overpaid DH” The good thing is this is false. With Ricketts willing to eat salary, it turns Soriano into a affordable old DH.

    @Chuck – When did the Cubs start to be considered a small market team. Theo and Jed will have just as much financial backing as they had in Boston.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    gymjok, I hadn’t seen that yet–thanks for the heads up.

    Joe, that was more a comment about Soriano’s own lack of self-awareness, but I see your point. Ricketts is starting to live up to my hopes.

  • chuck

    I think we can all agree that the Cubs won’t have a payroll nearly as high as the Red Sox. I’m not saying that the Cubs are a small market team. Reall ther are three tiers: Small market, Big Market, Yankees and Red Sox.
    A fat wallet can cover up a lot of mistakes.

  • gymjok

    Jeremiah- you’re welcome.
    That’s got to feel really great!
    I’m happy for you.

  • Buddy

    Nice work JJ!