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Cubs Arbitration Eligible Player List

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Not much on the news front this morning other than names of the players eligible for salary arbitration. The Cubs have seven names eligible. In the past, the Cubs would rarely go to arbitration, choosing to sign a player to a deal agreed upon by both parties before the deadline. It will be interesting to see how Theo and Jed run things. The list for the Cubs includes:

  • Jeff Baker
  • Blake DeWitt
  • Matt Garza
  • Geovany Soto
  • Ian Stewart
  • Chris Volstad
  • Randy Wells


If you missed a couple of really good posts over the weekend you need to go back and take a look. Jeremiah talked about the Cubs announcement for stadium renovations / additions to the RF bleachers and Norm did a nice recap from the Tweets about the Cubs convention.



  • Buddy

    Ben Folds is always a solid choice. I’m going with George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” this morning.

  • Doug S.

    Modified slightly for the Packers “All Things Must Dropped Passes”

  • Doc Raker

    The 2011-12 Packers and the 85 Bears will remain apart in history as it should be.
    Blake DeWitt is someone I would not offer arbitration to. Light hitting 2b man are easy to come by.


    Is this the list of players the Cubs have offered arbitration to, or the list of players we can? Because I would think the deadline to offer contracts has already passed.

  • BLPCB – It’s a list of players under team control that do not have a contract yet for 2012 that are eligible to request salary arbitration should that be needed. The Cubs and the player have until the hearings that take place in early February to hammer out a contract. If they fail to do so, they go to the hearing. During the hearing, the team submits their figure and the reason behind it and the player submits their number and the reason behind it. From there, the panal chooses one of the numbers and the deal is 1yr for that amount (non-guaranteed). That would allow the Cubs to release said player in spring training should they be beaten out by someone else and only be responsible for termination pay as outlined in the CBA.

  • cap’n obvious

    Soto and Garza you offer for sure…and I think you have to take a chance on Volstad and Stewart. I have to agree with Doc Raker, no need to offer slow, light hitting 2B, so Baker and Dewitt are a big fat no. Wells is perplexing. He’s pitched well off and on with pretty weak stuff.

    I coached against Ian Stewart in high school a few years back, I’d argue maybe the best HS team ever…3 big current leaguers (Stewart,Ian Kennedy and Cole Garner)and Bobby Crosby’s younger brother. Just watching them take infield was impressive.

  • Cap’n – All of the names on that list will get a contract with the Cubs in 2012 either via arbitration or not.

    Volstad and stewart would not have been brought in if they were not in the plans. DeWitt has value as a utility man that can play multiple positions and Wells is penciled into the rotation already.

  • cap’n obvious

    I guess I was thinking a little backwards, or writing that way. What I meant is that the Cubs should offer extended deals to everyone except the slow, weak hitting 2B, thus keeping the players happy….they can go to arbitration on Dewitt and Baker, which one would assume would be good for the Cubs, since there are dozens of them flying around.

    Dewitt has very little value on a quality team. He just doesn’t have any upside in my opinion. If a guy can play 5 positions, but is shitty at all 5, slower than a fat snail, and no good at the plate, what does he really give you?

    This will be Wells’ year to shape up or be shipped out. I hope his contract doesn’t pay him so much that he is no longer coveted by Pittsburgh.

  • Doc Raker

    Blake DeWitt is a younger slimmer AAAron Miles but still an AAAron Miles. Why pay a utility infielder anymore than the minimum?

  • Iowa Corn

    On that La Quinta team don’t forget about Brandon Laird (big leagues last year) and Adam Jorgensen (AA Rockies). Not a bad squad