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January 2012



Cubs Get All Stat Geeky

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The Cubs media relations department sent this release about an exciting new partnership between the Cubs and Bloomberg Sports to develop some interesting technology.

CHICAGO The Chicago Cubs and Bloomberg Sports, one of the world’s leaders in sports analytic technology, today announced a new partnership to design a state-of-the-art player evaluation system for the Cubs Baseball Operations Department.

This new partnership is the latest step in player analytic technology for Bloomberg Sports, which has been creating solutions for MLB teams, players and fans for the past four years.  The Cubs new system will combine video with extensive data on all professional players, as well as customized and enhanced technology to assist the evaluation process.  The platform is being created with both laptop and mobile capability, and the two parties will begin implementation and development of the new system immediately.

“We are excited to partner with Bloomberg Sports and benefit from their world-renowned expertise in Analytics and Information Management” said President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein.  “The management and analysis of data, whether it be scouting reports, statistics, medical information or video, is a critical component of our operation.  We look forward to developing a customized program that utilizes the most advanced and efficient technology available in the marketplace today to facilitate quicker, easier and more accurate access to all the sources of information we use to make baseball decisions.”

“Over the past few years we have helped set the standard for excellence and efficiency in advanced analytics, whether it has been for MLB teams with our comprehensive, integrated systems, players with our tablet product or fans with our fantasy tools, and this partnership is the next step in that evolution,” said Bill Squadron, head of Bloomberg Sports. “Bloomberg as a company has always been about innovation, and we are very excited to partner with Theo and the Cubs organization.” 

Named as one of the Ten Most Innovative Companies in Sports in 2011 by Fast Company Magazine, Bloomberg Sports has quickly become one of the industry leaders in providing cutting edge analytic products for fans, MLB teams and professional players. Their fantasy baseball product, “MLB Front Office,” is the fastest growing and most in-depth tool for both the casual and the die-hard baseball fan.  The professional analytic tools are now being used by 21 Major League clubs for player evaluation, and their tablet products are being used by over 200 MLB players to evaluate performance almost in real time.


Launched in 2010, BLOOMBERG SPORTS BASEBALL is taking the tools developed by Bloomberg, the leading global provider in data and analytics, and applying them to the vast data analysis opportunities in sports.  BLOOMBERG SPORTS fantasy baseball products, in conjunction with MLB.COM, provide both a “draft kit” and “in-season tools” that give fans the most powerful resources to prepare and conduct their fantasy draft and make replacements, trades and other key decisions for their fantasy teams. The season update tool provides the casual fan with the ability to explore added features and insights about all their favorite players and teams. Additionally, the BLOOMBERG SPORTS professional product provides Major League Baseball clubs with a secure, virtually unlimited set of analytical functions that can assist them in personnel evaluation and performance matchups.  Their tablet product for players was launched in 2011 and provides individual players with the most advanced evaluation tools as well.  For more details, please visit

  • Norm


  • chuck

    Nothing wrong with adding more brains to the operation. This will be even better news if they apply this type of analyis to all levels of the organization and throughout minor league baseball.

  • Buddy

    Agreed. It sure can’t hurt.

  • cap’n obvious

    The information is nice, for sure…but I’d feel better if anywhere in the press release anyone from the Cubs coaching staff had a decent idea on how to use said information. Numbers for the sake of numbers are just numbers.

    Plus, I think often times in baseball, the numbers can and do lie.

    If Bloomberg sports wants to impress me, come up with a way to measure brains and heart in a player. That information would be worth Billions.

  • Buddy

    Just curious Cap. Which numbers do you think lie?

  • JCstats

    I love stat geeks! Because I am one!

  • cap’n obvious

    For starters, batting average and earned run average. Both are reliant significantly on an opponents factor of suck. If a picher’s rotation spot gives him, say 2 extra starts a year against 2 crappy hitting teams, that’s almost 15% (4) of his starts against garbage hitting teams, so you I wouldn’t look too closely at his overall ERA as a barometer of his success. Same goes for hitters facing teams with crap pitching and defense. RBI’s are reliant on guys in front of a hitter getting into scoring position at a good clip. Most numbers can be at best swewed and at worst are outright lies. I could better tell a player’s worth by watcing him day-in and out and never seeing even one number. How they execute, the quality of at-bats and contact that they make, how they perform vs. the other top pitchers and teams, etc.


    I think Jeo (Jed and Theo) will know how to use this. They built Carmine in Boston to do this stuff

  • Buddy

    I hear you Cap. The good news is Theo and the Theo-ettes don’t much care about batting average and RBI’s.