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January 2012



Koyie Signed, RG3, and Courtside Seats

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Koyie Hill’s New Gig – The St. Louis Cardinals have signed Koyie Hill to a AAA deal (It’s a good thing, too, because the Cubs were only a AAA team last year.). Hill will compete with Bryan Anderson and Tony Cruz for a backup spot behind Yadier Molina. Hill had a less than average 2011, batting .194 with a .268 OBP and he only threw out 28% of base-stealers.  Looking at Bryan Anderson and Tony Cruz‘s numbers, Koyie doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hades. He’ll probably end up like Theriot and be a drifter until he fades off into the sunset of below-average numbers and forgettable starting gigs.

Some Luck for Indianapolis? – Robert Griffin III is going pro. Tony Dungy was interviewed by Dan Patrick last week, and Dungy stated that he would rather have Griffin than Luck. Dungy said,“I like those mobile guys,” saying he thinks they supply an “extra dimension….they are intriguing to me…I like Robert Griffin.” However, Tony Dungy most likely will not be coaching in Indianapolis around draft time, so Colts fans need not worry about losing their Luck. Either way, I don’t think there would be too much complaining in Indianapolis.

Tebowing in Pittsburgh – The mayor of Pittsburgh lost a bet on Sunday, resulting in this image popping up on the web. If the wager would have gone the other way, the mayor of Denver would have had to wear Steelers gear and wave a “Terrible Towel” in public.

Want to Get a Courtside Experience at An NBA Game? Just do what these two guys did at a Mavs game last night. They acted like they’ve been there before. That’s the way to do it. 

A Look Into Katie’s iPod:

Today’s song is “Hurt” by Johnny Cash. This song is actually a cover of the Nine Inch Nails song, but Johnny does it better. It was his last recording before he passed away in 2003. Even when he was old, the man could put together a song that got people’s attention.

  • Buddy

    Good luck with Koyie Hill, Cardinal fans!

  • chet

    The Cards are smart enough not use him as much as the Cubs did.

  • Eddie Von White

    — I guess if we can lose 100 games with Koyie, we can lose 100 without him.

    Word is 92 million people Googled John 3:16 after Tebow’s heroics on Sunday. And…Tom Brady is not too happy about Tebow getting the spotlight leading up to Sundays game between New England and Denver (shoulda kept the hair).

    Jon Gruden can thank Tony Dungy for his Super Bowl ring. It was Dungy’s team that won it in Tampa. The Colts should consider his insight.

    Went to a wedding in Michigan last summer. Had a little down time and bought my son a Pistons t-shirt for a buck at a garage sale even though I can’t stand the Pistons. (Mrs. Von White can’t pass up a garage sale). I got a Grand Valley College winter coat for a buck fifty at the same sale – (never heard of it either, but the coat generates a lot of conversation).

    Johnny Cash’ “Ring of Fire” is the number one song played by amateur guitarist.


    Cardinals luck – Watch Hill become a star
    Luck vs RG3: Luck is the more complete player IMO. Just because you had success in college, doesn’t mean you can do it in the NFL. I don’t see Griffin’s game coming over, he was a scrambler.
    I’ve always thought 12th men on NBA rosters have a great life. They get paid 6 figures for a courtside seat to watch the best players in the world, get to travel everywhere, stay in luxury hotels, eat at fancy restaurants, and occasionally get to play with these guys.

  • chuck

    The whole Luck vs anybody else argument reminds me of the Peyton Manning vs Ryan Leaf debate several years ago. Everybody knew that Manning was the best player in the draft. He was a lock to be at least competent. Then Leaf had a really good combine and everybody was getting bored with Manning being the consensus #1 for over a year. Allof the sudden this guy who did not do a whole lot in college was a threat to be #1. ESPN and other media concocted this faux debate over who should be #1. People jumped on the Leaf bandwagon even though everyone with any sense knew Manning was far better. Indy took Manning and the Chargers took Leaf and the rest was history.
    Luck is the best pick in the draft and he is going to Indy.

  • Buddy

    Even when (not if) he completely sucks, Cardinal fans will worship Hill if he runs hard to 1B on groundouts.

  • Randy

    Wish the best for Koyie Hill, he should probably retire though. AAA isn’t worth that kind of pain.
    Luck vs RG3. Nobody in College throws the long ball as good as RG3, not even Luck. I think Luck could step in and be successful tomorrow. However, if I had a year or two of a Hall of Fame QB on the downswing? RG3 in a heartbeat.