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Good things come to those who wait

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I am a big fan of a hard candy called Mega Warheads. For those of you who have never had these before, the way they work is when you first put them in your mouth, you get this blast of, well, nastiness. It’s like a spicy pepper taste. It’s really quite unpleasant. This taste lasts for about 10 seconds. If you can stand the nasty taste, a wonderful flavor begins to fill your mouth. I personally enjoy the blue raspberry flavor. Once you get past all of the nasty pepper taste, that fruit flavor is just plain great.

What’s my point to all this candy talk? Well, with May now in the books, the Cubs record is definitely not what I figured it would be. While it hasn’t been “nasty” in the beginning, it hasn’t been down right pleasant either. We have suffered major injury blows, “closer troubles” (even though I don’t worry about brows), and have had guys play under their potential. Through it all, we’re not too bad. It feels like the nastiness is finally starting to wear off and the good flavor should be coming soon.

How can I be so optimistic when Aisle 528 (a clueless member of the Cub Blog Army), seems to want to pack it in? Well, here is why.

1) MARK PRIOR is back in a week

2) Derrek Lee is going to catch fire. As of yet, we have not seen his best and we’re still pulling out wins.

3) Alou is having a career year

4) Dusty Baker is our manager

5) Hendry always finds a way to fill the holes we have. (Maybe that means Beltran)