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January 2012



Johnson, Flynn, A UCLA Proposal, and Tennis

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Reed Johnson and the Cubs have agreed to a contract worth 1.15 million dollars. Reed has always been a favorite of mine. In 2008 we went to a game at Wrigley and he hit a go-ahead home run to left center. It was a beautiful sight, one that will be forever cemented in my memory. Not to mention, he plays hard. He’s a good guy to have off the bench, especially when he takes over for Sorryano. The old man did have some back problems last season, but he recorded one of the highest batting averages on the team. 

Matt Flynn: Jeremiah seems to have a bit of amnesia concerning Sunday’s NFL games. Matt Flynn made his second start ever for the Green Bay Packers, throwing for 480 yards and 6 touchdowns. Those are both single-game records for the Packers organization. Would it be silly to say that the Colts should look into grabbing Flynn at the end of the year? He will be a free agent, and who knows for sure if Luck will be successful in the NFL? If Luck turns up to be a bust, Flynn would be a fantastic safety net, but would it be fair to sign Flynn as a backup after his show on Sunday? The Vikings and Jets are a couple teams in need of a good QB as well. He deserves to start somewhere.

Loose Bullets:

Guys, if you’re planning on proposing to your significant other any time soon, take a few pointers from this guy. Maybe you’ll pick up some nuggets from advice, such as: don’t propose at a basketball game in front of hundreds of people. 

Apparently, Serena Williams doesn’t like sports. How can the woman have 39 singles titles, but not like sports? Something is not computing in my brain. She is a very talented athlete, and has been very successful in her field.

A Look Into Katie’s iPod:

Michael Henry and Justin Robinett are youtube sensations for their covers of hit songs. Today, we’re going to take a look at a song made famous by Jason DeRulo.

  • Randy

    I think it might be a mistake to look too deep into Flynn’s performance last Sunday. As for teams that need quarterbacks, the Jets and Vikings are not teams currently in the market as they both have young QBs with high ceilings. Assuming Luck goes to Indy and Griffin goes to Washington, then Miami is the most likely landing spot for Flynn. That is if the Packers don’t slap franchise on him and demand the entire farm in a trade.

  • Doug S.

    As a Jets fan I’ve grown tired of waiting for Sanchez to mature. Perhaps impatience on my part. I doubt you’ll see the Jets looking for another QB this year. OC Shottenheimer should get fired. Then Sanchez gets a new OC which may help. I look for changes at WR next year as well.

    Good luck to those of you with playoff teams.

    Side note. The annual change from Jets everyday cap and phone wallpaper to Cubs happened Monday. Wonder when the change back will be in 2012?


    The Packers should trade Flynn to the Bears for Cutler. Because Barry understands just how important a backup QB is. He said if Rodgers and Cutler were on the same team, he would like Rodgers as his backup

  • Jedi

    Myopic Packers fans are the best.

  • Seymour Butts

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around Reed Johnson “playing hard”.

    As a Packer fan (and owner), I prefer to keep Flynn, but he deserves to make his own way. Matt Hasselback was a Packer back up who has done well. Don’t forget Flynn almost beat the Patriots last year in his only other start. Small sample size, but miles above other options currently starting in , say, Denver…

  • That’s no cup.

  • Noah

    I think what Serena said more is that she doesn’t particularly like professional tennis. She doesn’t like the grind of it, or the training. But she loves winning. I could understand that. Lots of people have jobs that on a day to day basis drive them crazy. The long hours of getting a big project done can often been exhausting, both physically and mentally. But if the project is successful, workers typically feel a significant amount of pride at that fact.

  • MJ

    There are some that should not post every thought in their head. I beginning to see a pattern of those who are delusional.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Katie, thanks for calling me out in the Morning News. Time to amend my bucket list. The Lions-Packers game wasn’t broadcast in LA, so I missed what was by all accounts the football highlight of the week, especially for Wisconsin fans. 🙂 My mistake.

    My guess is Flynn played himself into at least the competition for a starting role, and with the number of teams in need of a new starter, I won’t be surprised if he’s handed a job.

    I’m also glad to see Reed Johnson come back. I’ve said before I think he’s exactly the kind of guy you look for in a fourth outfielder. Do you remember which game it was in 2008, Katie? I ask because he only hit three homers at Wrigley that year, and I was there for the one against Arizona.

  • Buddy

    I think the Colts should stick with Plan A. Draft Luck and see about Manning’s health.

  • CubbieDude

    I can think of one team off the top of my head which could use someone like Matt Flynn as either a starter or a backup (not mentioning any names).

    UCLA guy is “Better Off With The Blues” as Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown once wrote.

    I was actually glad to learn that Serena Williams doesn’t like sports – I don’t seem to enjoy any sports that she’s playing.

  • Katie

    Jeremiah – you’re welcome. I’m glad you didn’t post about it so I could! We went to this game:

    Buddy – I doubt the Colts would take Flynn. It was just an idea. I’d hate to see him leave. Something will happen to Rodgers as soon as we let him go, then we won’t have a backup.

    Seymour – You don’t think Johnson plays hard?

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Katie, turns out the game I was at it was a game-tying homer, not a go ahead.

  • Buddy

    I don’t blame you Katie. Flynn is a nice backup to have. However, if he leaves, I’m sure the Pack will find a solid replacement. They don’t make too many roster mistakes in Green Bay.

  • Seymour Butts

    Katie- at the risk of pissing off MJ (and who wouldn’t take that risk), I watch so few games in HD that it’s difficult for me to discern.

  • You can tell when Johnson plays hard, he does a good job sizing up, staying on top of balls, and driving the pitch.