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January 2012



  • Allan

    Gotta be Porterhouse Steak, mushrooms onions corn on the cob and my wife’s pumpkin pie. Then top it off with diet Mountain Dew and some kind of chocolate. Might as well go out with a bang.

  • Buddy

    Something from George’s at the Cove in La Jolla.

  • cap’n obvious

    A sausage pizza with extra cheese from Lou Malnatis, a regular #1 italian beef from Al’s, and a bottle of Opus One 1994. No salad. No veggie.

  • A giant hunk of prime rib swimming in au jus and horseradish…a good red wine and the biggest pitcher of beer you can find.

  • Lizzie

    @Allan Diet Mountain Dew rocks! Thanks for posting!

  • Chris in illinois

    Seafood gumbo from Commander’s Palace, New Orleans….bone-in dry-aged ribeye from David Burke’s Primehouse, Chicago accompanied with a bottle of Ridge Monte Bello…..dessert Emeril’s banana cream pie…..all served oceanside at the Hotel del Coranado, San Diego.

  • Smitty

    Nothing like going out with a bang quite like mountain dew lol

  • Eddie Von White

    Chris in Illinois – If you’re being executed tomorrow – I doubt the Hotel del will be in the offering but I wouldn’t mind spending my last night on earth there.

    I would take prime rib exactly as mentioned by jswan and a side of original lasagna made like my aunt used to make when I was a teenager.

  • Chris in illinois

    Eddie, I chose to pretend I was starting a diet….luckily don’t think I’ll ever need to.

  • Joe

    I’d like to place my order. I’d like a massive Gyro sandwich with extra meat and extra tzatziki sauce with a side of cheese fries, large mug of cheerwine with a blondie for dessert that is smothered with raspberry sauce, bananas and whipped cream.

  • gymjok

    I’ll go with steak. Root beer is my drink of choice.
    I really like deserts. Vanilla ice cream with banana slices and plain M&Ms in it. Banana cream pie, gram cracker pudding, cookies, brownies, cake…


    15 Dr. Peppers. Just like Forrest Gump at the White House.


    Seriously though: A 12 oz. steak, no make it a 16 oz steak, naw what the hell, how about an 16 lb steak, medium, just like Homer Simpson tried to down. Along with 2 racks of ribs, some cornbread, and some sweet potato pecan pie and chocolate bourbon pie, with the pecans direct from Brownsville, Tex-ass, pecan capital of the world! As big of a soul food fan I am, I don’t like fried chicken. One of my favorite soul food meals is cereal

  • Randy

    Chicken Fried Steak, creamy white gravy, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and Dublin Dr. Pepper. Peach cobbler made in a dutch oven for desert.


    I forgot, I would like some good ole corn liquor in a mason jar to wash down my meal with. Love that corn mason

  • All the things I can’t eat (in peace) around my vegan girlfriend.
    Raw Oysters (3 dozen)
    King Crab legs (3 dozen)
    Jumbo Prawns (3 dozen)
    A gallon of Pilsner Urquell

  • Doug Bagley

    Great question lizzie. Papa John’s pineapple pizza with Hardee’s cinnamon raisin biscuits for desert!

  • Kris

    I don’t know that I can decide all of it, but there would be a pineapple shake from Superdawg! And I think I’d need a piece of key lime pie, too.

  • Smitty

    All the sushi my stomach could handle..a bottomless glass of Carlsberg..and some banana cream pie

  • cap’n obvious

    @BLPCB—15 Dr. Peppers sounds like a 3 inning outing from Zambrano when Rothschild was pitching coach…


    Bozo’s drinks of choice are Red Bull and coffee. Forrest Gump said he drank 15 Dr. Peppers when he met JFK because he wasn’t hungry but he was thirsty, and because theys was free.

  • chris in illinois

    Doug, RE: your vegan girlfriend and oysters:

    Second, third and fourth the Urquell.


    Doug – What is your gf’s reason for being vegan? Is it bc of animal abuse? Because plants are killed too.

  • Doc Raker

    I try and eat every meal like it is my last, hard to narrow down just one. I would go with a bone in filet with a pepper corn sauce and a Cabernet I have never tried before, Screaming Eagle and a Peter Michael. I would add have my wife’s pork chops as a second course with a side of linguine carbonara. This would be eaten in the company of some live music, maybe some big band music with some horns to some blues, kinda like Roomful of Blues for my wife and I to dance to. For dessert I would have my wife.

  • Jedi

    Fava beans and a nice Chianti.

  • chuck

    The person who ratted me out. That is my last meal. Muhahahahahaha!

  • cap’n obvious

    could swear that there was scuttlebut a few years back after Z came out of a few games for dehydration that he was known to slam a Dr. Pepper between innings of his starts, under Rothschild’s watchful eye. Someone might back me up…

  • Ryan

    Does anyone else think it’s slightly odd that the site is called “View From The Bleachers,” yet the picture that has been incorporated with the title is taken from…oh, I don’t know…Terrace Reserved. Wouldn’t that technically be a “View OF The Bleachers?”

  • Doug S.

    @Chris – Hey thanks for the info, some spirited comments about the article too. The whole idea of slimy(insert Belichik references here) oysters simply grosses her out so I don’t go there around her.
    @BLPCB – No it’s not the abuse part, though that might not help. She simply doesn’t want to eat what she calls “dead meat”, pretty sure the living version of that falls in the same category.


    Well you still ought to mention that plants are killed too


    If you google Carlos Zambrano Dr Pepper, this blog is the first hit. So I think it was coffee and red bull he was pounding.

  • Eddie Von White

    Ryan – never noticed – just longing for those hot summer days at Wrigley.

  • Dragon

    I think I would try for that last insanity plea and order something like fence post topped with eraser shaving gravy and a side of radiator hosing. Once that claim was denied, lots of mexican food so that the post-execution clean-up wasn’t pleasant for some unlucky soul.

  • Seymour Butts

    I was also thinking about leaving a mess.
    A case of Mentos followed by a 2 liter bottle of coke.


    I thought it was Diet Coke that did it?


    Speaking of Mentos, great commercial I saw in India many years back, this guy is at a bar, it’s closing time, and one of the workers wants to get out so he can go home, but this guy won’t leave, so he takes a Mentos, and starts vacuuming. Goes over to the guy, sticks the hose on his ass, and he downs everything, drink and straw in 2 seconds.




    I looked it up, the way to make an effective explosion is the mint flavored Mentos with Diet Coke. It has to do with the fact that they don’t have any coating allowing for more surface area, and there is something in the aspartame that causes a huge explosion

  • CubbieDude

    Kris: You beat me to it, but I was gonna request 2 SuperDawgs and a Vanilla SuperMalt. In my car.

    Since SuperDawg is yours, I’ll go for two pieces of plain white toast.


    I like Dixie Kitchen in Evanston as well. The Southern Sampler just like Barry had. “I’m looking for food that tastes good for a good price.”
    They got cornbread and fried green tomatoes, and they are delicious. Went with my parents, we also tried the Peach Wings, delicious

  • Joe

    Ryan, the concept behind the “view” part of the title is that it’s our “view(s)” on the team with the bleachers being the central part of Wrigley Field.

  • chuck

    The thing that makes mentos work well is that while the surface seems smooth to the touch and naked eye, it is covered with microsopic pores and craters. This is the type of surface that facilitates the generation of CO2 bubbles from the soda.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Lizzie, I know I’m shamefully late to your party, but I didn’t want to forget to tell you about my grandma’s sausage biscuits. You start by rolling out a sheet of biscuit dough, sorta like you’d roll out a pizza crust. Then you spread over it a sensible-to-generous layer of sausage (I like the hot, but you can go mild if it’s more your speed). Then you roll it up and slice the log into roughly inch-wide segments, similar to how you cut cinnamon rolls. Bake ’em for about a half hour, pour yourself a frosty glass of milk, and thank me later. Simple but delicious, and definitely what I’d want for my last meal.

    • Lizzie

      Jeremiah, so glad you posted it! I put those biscuits on my “to try” list!!


    Chuck, do you know why Diet Coke works better than regular coke? Or why Coke works better than Pepsi?
    I learned from watching the Simpsons milk, mentos, and non-winning lotto tickets don’t work very well