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December 2011



Morning News: Pitchers, Coaching Staff, NFL Playoffs

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The Cubs signed two pitchers MondayManny Corpas and Andy Sonnanstine. Corpas has been a reliever for five seasons with the Colorado Rockies. He missed all of 2011 recovering from Tommy John surgery. Sonnanstine has played five seasons all with Tampa Bay. Since the middle of 2009 he’s been a reliever. Both signed non-guaranteed split contracts so they might not be part of the team that leaves Mesa bound for Chicago at the end of Spring Training.

New coaching staffthis item is a bit old, I’ve been intending to include it as part of the news for almost two weeks now; and I’m pretty sure we’ve neglected to mention it. Dale Sveum named his new coaching staff, the most notable changes being bench coach, pitching coach, and first base coach. Jamie Quirk takes over for Pat Listach as bench coach. Listach returns to a familiar position for him, the third base coach’s box. The Cubs tabbed former Cardinal first base coach Dave McKay to replace Bob Dernier. And Chris Bosio is successor to Mark Riggins as pitching coach – no word on if he’ll attempt to out-stache his predecessor. Bosio and Quirk are longtime friends of Sveum from his playing days; McKay is a baseball lifer well-known by all, and a former coach of Sveum’s. The Cubs retained Rudy Jaramillo as hitting coach and Lester Strode in the bullpen. Minor league staffs were announced too, lots of changes there.

NFL Playoffs – There’s one week to go, the Colts have put some intrigue back into the Andrew Luck sweepstakes; but for the NFL’s best there is still a lot on the line this upcoming weekend. In the NFC the Packers have secured the No. 1 spot; the 49ers, Saints, Lions, and Falcons are all in; and either the Giants or Cowboys will join them. It’s a winner-take-all affair on Sunday night at the Meadowlands. The AFC is a big mess. There are several oddities; the Titans, for instance, need Cincinnati to lose and the Jets to win plus either Oakland or Denver to lose – unless they get the Jets to lose which would mean they’d need both Oakland and Denver to win. Denver, division leaders, can only win their division, no wild card possibility. But the Raiders, in second place, can win the division OR a wild card spot. Pittsburgh could be the No. 1 seed, or the No. 5 seed; same for the Ravens (and either team could also be the No. 2). It’s sure to be an eventful final regular season weekend in the NFL on New Year’s Day no less. Perhaps Bill Maher will resolve to find something nice to say about Tim Tebow regardless of his playoff fate. Stay tuned.

What is in the works? Theo has been strongly hinting that he has quite a bit left to do this off-season. I’m guessing that two of the changes he’s alluding to are 1) resolution to Matt Garza’s future, either an extension or a trade and 2) trading Carlos Marmol. Once Kerry Wood is officially back in the fold, we’d have 3 guys not named Marmol (Wood, Cashner, Samardzija) who could easily close for a bad team (i.e., the Cubs). Judging by the return on Marshall, I think Marmol is definitely gone no later than the July 31 deadline and quite possibly before Spring Training. What do you think/hope Theo and Jed are exploring as the calendar turns to 2012?

Christmas gone crazy.

  • CubbieDude

    I don’t believe Rudy Jaramillo is the “pitching coach” (paragraph 2), although I may be wrong.

    Regarding Carlos Marmol: Either fix him or get rid of him (or both).

    I guess Boxing Day in London ain’t what it used to be.

  • Norm

    I think Theo is planning exactly what you mentioned. He did say Garza is exactly the type of player he would like to build around, but creative of him to say “type” of pitcher so he can still move him for a younger piece.

  • Buddy

    Trading Marmol makes a ton of sense, for the reasons we have discussed here many times.

  • jgod42

    Too bad Geo only has a good season every other year and he is coming off the down year. I would trade him in a heartbeat. Geo and Marmol need to go before the season. Obviously, if you can get rid of Soriano and get something back that would be great. Basically paying for prospects.

  • Doc Raker

    I think Marmol has lot’s of trade value and his trad value will grow in June for a contending team in need of bullpen help. I agree with Jedi’s take on Theo’s plan. I hope Theo is considering a reverse trade as in, “you want Geo and Marmol, take Soriano and his contract and give us nothing.” How many of you would do that? Give away Soriano and his contract in lieu of getting any players back?

  • Chuck

    I liked the Marshall for Wood deal. A mediocre starter is vastly more valuable than a good middle reliever. Wood is youngish (will be 25 next season) so he has the ability to get better. If they can get this for a good middle reliever I wonder what we can get for a “proven closer”?

  • Chuck

    Doc, I would not do that simply because catchers who can hit and play the positin defensively are very rare.

  • gymjok

    I would not do that.
    what we have is money.
    what we need is players.

  • Buddy

    An interesting note about Andy Sonnanstine, courtesy of our friends at SB Nation…

    “Sonnanstine broke in with the Rays in 2007. Since 2007, 116 pitchers have thrown at least 500 innings. Sonnanstine’s 5.26 ERA over that span ranks third-worst, ahead of only Luke Hochevar and Kyle Davies.”


    I wouldn’t make such a trade. Marmol still has enough in him that Theo and Jed can pump false value into his stock and sucker someone into trading for him, and I still want to keep Soto. Now I would consider such an offer if someone wanted Bozo the Clown. You can have him for free if you take Soriano’s contract, or we can work out a deal.

  • Well, Buddy. Looks like we found Grabow’s replacement as ‘easy target.’