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Who Am I?

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Who Am I? is a feature here at VFTB designed to give some of the focus back to those who make the site a success: YOU! We’ll tell you a bit about one of our regular commenters and you guess who it is. We’ll be back later in the day with the answer.

(Would you like to be included? Let me know at … the more the merrier!)

Who Am I?

  • Though I was born in Ohio, I was raised in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago. I now reside in Iowa. I’ve been to Wrigley Field many times and if the Cubs move out I am a fan no more.
  • I believe my love of the Cubs is a genetic disorder I inherited from my father. I’ve never played organized ball but I’m heavily involved with local Little League and USSSA teams. My favorite teams are whichever my kids are on!
  • I thought Hendry was a mediocre GM and don’t have an opinion about Theo yet.
  • I found VFTB through the ESPN link. I return because of the members and articles. I lurked a little bit but it’s not in my nature to bite my tongue for long.
  • When Norm and Jedi go to town I sit back and enjoy the show!
  • If I was to dine with Seymour I’d order seafood because my wife doesn’t like it and hence won’t cook it!
  • Last year I won the Dunn vs. Pena bet I offered to everyone! Muhahahahahaha!

Who Am I?

  • flyslinger2

    Clueless…but I’ll take a stab-CubbieDude.
    None of my preferred choices for this weekends NFL games won. I was hoping for Niner’s/Ravens. I like the Harbaugh family.

  • Doc Raker


  • I would have guessed Fly as well…

  • Lizzie

    Not CubbieDude or flyslinger either, but good tries!!


    Is it Chuck?

  • Lizzie

    It is Chuck!!! Way to go!!! What gave it to you, B-CAPS? I figured the little league involvement and Dunn/Pena bet were dead giveaways!


    It was the Adam Dunn bet

  • flyslinger2

    Grats B.

  • Buddy

    I was going to guess Steven Tyler, but nevermind.

  • chuck

    I am a bag of oatmeal.

  • JCstats

    Ahh you guys are too fast.

    I’ve seen Chuck make that exact Hendry/Theo statement before, so he was going to be my first guess.