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December 2011



GO: Christmas!

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It’s become a tradition in our house to make absolutely NO plans for Christmas Day. So, it’s a day to do whatever we want, and we absolutely love it after the running around and general chaos of the days preceding. I’ll cook our traditional Christmas Day meal of sweet and sour meatloaf with scalloped potatoes and broccoli (though I’m not sure how that has become a tradition). And, finally, we’ll open presents and watch the Bears lose to the Packers. If I lust after  Aaron Rodgers a bit in the process, so be it.

How about you? Merry Christmas!

  • CubbieDude

    Sweet and sour meatloaf sounds great!!

    I’m bringing the hot chocolate to our family get together. Hopefully, by the time the Bears lose to the Packers, I won’t notice (7:20 pm kickoff).

  • Yeah…pretty sure you should post that recipe Lizzie. Sounds right down our alley. I dig the tradition! kswanson and I usually head to my parents house for Christmas, but we don’t exactly want to meet our daughter on the side of the road. We are going to tag team a 17lb bird tomorrow and watch some Elf. Sort of the calm before the storm…

  • Buddy

    Lots of family. Lots of food and drink. Some sports wathing tossed in. Not bad!

  • Lots of family will be here tomorrow. The traditional dish here is lasagna! Gift exchange. Sports.

    Time with the 8 month old grandson!!!!

    Merry Christmas to everyone here at VFTB.

  • Tim

    I am going to be thankful for Jim Hendry the classy former GM who gave us a lot to cheer for and always did everything with passion and class. Every person who has responsibility is criticized. I am sure he regrets some decisions and wishes outcomes had been different. In total, this Cubs fan thinks we had a good GM, whose time had come. We have a great new crew and we move on. A part of that World Series victory will be Jim Hendrys. Merry Christmas to a classy guy.

  • Lizzie

    @jswanson Good plan. Better to tag team a 17 lb. bird than a 7 lb. new arrival while on the highway! Keep us posted, should be any day now, huh?

    Here’s the meatloaf:


    I’m going to go to a Packers bar and watch the Bears lose. Tomorrow is going to be a 3-hour funeral for the 2011 Bears, and it should be also for Angelo, Martz, and the Love-tron

  • CubbieDude

    BLPCB: Have a Merry Christmas.


    Thank you. Same to you


    I would also like to make a public service announcement: If anyone here is planning to deep-fry their Xmas turkey, do not set your house on fire

  • Tony

    Merry Christmas! We have some mutual friends and they have turned me to your site! Great work and hello from the Stitzinger and Luedke clans! Is. 9:6-7

  • Buddy

    Welcome aboard Tony. Happy holidays to all.

  • My Christmas day plans are to not kill the annoying relatives about to come over and visit. Wish me luck.

  • flyslinger2

    Merry Christmas everyone! I always take the clan (15 to 20 peeps) to a Chirstmas Day movie. Usually have Chinese the night before and watch all the classic Christmas movies: James Bond. 🙂


    Isn’t the tradition to eat Chinese on Xmas day?

  • Thanks to my health inspector, who deemed that my back floor of my pizza shop needed to be repainted which takes 2 days and the only 2 days we’re closed is xmas eve and xmas, I spent the 23rd working than ripping apart my kitchen and laying the first coat until 4:30am. On Xmas eve, I spent another 7 hours applying the 2nd coat, then went home and showered, left at 7pm and drove 113 miles to DC to my sister’s house, videotaped Santa coming down the chimney, woke up all the kids, opened presents, left DC at 4AM this morning, slept in 3 hours, then opened more presents and now I am off to apply the sealer on the floor, come home for dinner and then go back to the store tonight to put the kitchen back together so I can open t’rw morning! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

  • Doc Raker

    Merry Chirstmas to all! Thanks for all the Cubs banter everyone, wishing you a very Merry Christmas filled with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. That’s Frank Gold, Matt Frankincense and Garrett Myrrh, 3 big up and coming prospects to keep an eye on this Christmas season.

  • Seymour Butts

    What kind of losers check their blogs on Xmas night?

  • chris in illinois

    Merry Christmas yesterday…agree with Tim on Hendry…had Ham for dinner, making biscuits and gravy right now and later a pressure cooker pot roast for the wife while I trudge off to work…next two days off though!! Heading north to Aledo Il to see the wife’s grandparents…hopefully stopping in Peoria on the way home for dinner…

  • Buddy

    I’ll meet you in P-town Chris!