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December 2011



Morning News: Beltran, The Colts, and College Football

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Beltran – The Cardinals signed Carlos Beltran to 2 years, $26 million with a no trade clause, and it’s considered a steal for the Cards. And he’ll probably turn out to be pretty good, considering what happened to Lance Berkman – it seemed like he had seen his glory days, but he got to St. Louis and it turned out that he still had a little chicken left on that bone. That seems to be a trend in St. Louis. It must be something in the water.

Colts – The Colts beat Houston, 19-16. They scored on a 1-yard touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne with 25 seconds left in the game. As a result of this win, Indianapolis is in a 3-way tie with St. Louis and Minnesota; they all have two wins. Their chances of getting the first-round pick in next year’s draft have been reduced significantly. Was it worth the win, or should Wayne have “accidentally” dropped the pass to stay in the running for Luck?

Matt Barkley – USC’s Golden Boy has decided to stay in SoCal for his senior season. He was projected to go second or third depending on who took Robert Griffin. He must have been feeling the Christmas spirit, and generously gave up his favorable projection to Griffin. Either way, he still is a college football quarterback, and it is possible that he’ll end up like Mark Sanchize or Sam “alwaysinjured” Bradford.

Christmas – It seems like people these days are 1 of two types of people: either they get their Christmas shopping done 5 months ahead of time, or they wait until two days before the big day and frantically get all their gifts bought, wrapped, and delivered just in time. Is there even a middle ground? After going to the mall to do some Christmas shopping, I would say that there really isn’t a middle ground.

A Look Into Katie’s iPod:
Christmas is only a few days away, and I absolutely love Christmas music. There are so many different variations of the classic Christmas songs, but Darius Rucker has an original tune that is catchy but still holds the secret of every good Christmas song: Santa!

  • Buddy

    I’d take Beltran’s two-year deal over Cuddyer’s three-year deal 100 times out of 100.

  • Norm

    Beltran was a great sign. Less guaranteed money thsn Michael Cuddyer and Aramis Ramirez? And he’s coming off a good season. 2011 Berkman/Pujols to 2012 Berkman/Beltran may not be all that big a difference.

    I haven’t seen Hootie in awile. Heard he went country.

  • Eddie Von White

    Nice post Katie. Merry Christmas!

  • Noah

    Norm, I completely agree on Beltran, plus the fact that he’ll be much better defensively in RF than Berkman was. As much as I hate to admit it, what the Cards have done post losing Pujols is really smart. They’re making a strong run at winning over the next couple of years while Holliday is still in his prime and hoping that Carpenter continues to pitch well. On opening day 2013 the front four in their rotation could be: a fully recovered Wainwright, Carpenter, Garcia and Shelby Miller. Plus, aside from Holliday, they have almost no player commitments beyond 2013 allowing a quick rebuild.

  • Norm

    Cubs get a prospect named Ronald Torreyes from Reds, plus one more. Judging by reaction, Torreyes is a steal.


    It’s a good signing for the Cardinals, but don’t forget Beltran has knee problems. I do my Xmas shopping when I get a chance. I don’t do a lot of gifts, and the gifts I do do, I don’t mail, I give in person.

  • Lizzie

    I have always thought the Cardinals were a smart team. Bastards. LOL.

    Great choice of Christmas songs, Katie. I’m a big fan of his, Christmas or otherwise!

  • MJ

    Cubs signed Rockies reliever Corpas yesterday as well. Think I’m beginning to see a grand plan here. Get rid of the contracts, go for young, cheap talent for maximum flexibility in the next year or two.

  • Well, we pulled two 24 y/o kids with big league experience and a replacement for our SS that we shipped to get Garza…for one year of our setup specialist. Where the hell is Jedi…

  • Noah

    Torreyes and Dave Sappelt are the prospects. Torreyes is very young, playing in the Low A Midwest League at just 18 last season, and hit quite well. He doesn’t walk or hit for power as of now, but he also doesn’t K. His impressive offensive numbers were very heavily focused on the BA. He’s very small right now (listed at 5’9″, 140 lbs), but is supposed to be a great athlete with good speed, although his base stealing skills need a lot of refinement. He’s probably limited to second base, although it sounds like he could be quite good there defensively. With his age and size he’s likely at least a couple years away. He is generally considered a Top 15 prospect in the Reds system, and had been listed as high as number 9 following the Latos trade.

    Ryan Sappelt is a 24 year old outfielder who can play LF and CF. He hit well over parts of 2 seasons in the AAA International League (.316/.374/.464) which is not the hitters’ paradise that the PCL is. He did struggle in a 38 game cup of coffee in the Majors last season, though, posting a .243/.289/.318 in 119 PAs. Sappelt is probably more of a 4th OF type on a good team, but I could see the Cubs using him as both a 4th OF and as a bridge between Marlon Byrd and Brett Jackson (or whomever the Cubs’ view as their CF of the future).

    The good news are these guys definitely are not organizational filler. Sappelt is a legit major leaguer right now, and Torreyes has pretty high upside at 2B.

  • I received moderation timeout earlier this week for telling Lizzie I was “s h i r t l e s s” and now for saying “h e l l”
    I liked VFTB better when it was PG-13
    Anyhow…my take sans the offensiv curses

    Well, we pulled two 24 y/o kids with big league experience and a replacement for our SS that we shipped to get Garza…for one year of our setup specialist. Where the [edited] is Jedi…

    • Jswanson – That’s a WordPress thing. It’s flagging things and I don’t get notified that it’s flagged

  • gymjok

    I followed the end of the Indy game online(had a bet on the under)
    houston had 3or4 penalties on that last drive and I think it was 1st and goal on the 1 with 25 seconds left.
    they would have had to “botch” a few plays to lose the game.
    Its tough for an athlete to go against their natural instinct and tank a play on purpose


    Right now, the Colts own tiebreaker. My understanding is owning tiebreaker means you get the lower pick

  • Doc Raker

    I am interested to see if St Louis still has it’s magic after losing Transition Tony and Pooholes. Those intangibles of leadership and moxie are very important in making everyone else better, we will see if St Louis continues to get better than average performances from their new players.

  • It will be an interesting transition.

  • RE: Christmas…we opened our presents early this year. One small mishap:

  • Buddy

    Corpas looks like another low-risk, high-reward move. He was pretty damn good before the injury. Not sure about his moxie/gamer/grinder/clutch/chemistry rating.

  • Chuck

    There is a lot of risk with Beltran in that I think his knees are held together with chicken wire and duct tape.
    RE Shopping: I am a Type 1a. I don’t do my shopping months in advance, but I was done a few weeks ago. I even picked out a lot of the gifts for the kids and myself to boot. (The gift for me is more of a family gift that I am giving myself because I really don’t need or want anything that anybody can buy me)

  • Doc Raker

    Corpas has a 3.4 MGGCCCP ,moxie/gamer/grinder/clutch/chemistry/clubhouse presence. Seymour is a 4.2 at Randy’s camp but that is with a very high clubhouse rating due to the blue pills he passes out to Pepitone and all the old timers, take away the clubhouse metric and he falls down to a 2.1.

  • PEDs 101: Bluesies for the bedroom…greenies for the diamond. My condolences to Mrs. Butts.

  • Seymour Butts

    Condolences???? Even a math major can appreciate better living thru Chemistry!


    You’re a cardiologist with a math degree!? Only in America…

  • Seymour Butts

    @BLPCB… No, But JSwan is (Lizzie too)…pay attention man, it’s going to be on the final!


    What final? I’m done with school for a few years

  • Pop quiz, hot shot…

  • Doc Raker

    Apparently not BLPCB, much to learn.