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December 2011



Morning News; Marshall is traded, Johnson is re-signed, Bulls & Lakers, plus a terrible gift idea

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Sean Marshall to the Reds – in return the Cubs get Travis Wood a young No. 4/5 starter. Wood is an upgrade from Casey Coleman or Rodrigo Lopez; and a decent year might even put him ahead of Randy Wells. While I like Sean Marshall, the Cubs weren’t going to make him a starter again (rightly so, he’d had several chances and was never terribly impressive as a starter) and he will be a free agent at the end of 2012. Marshall would’ve been trade bait at the deadline in July anyway, instead the Cubs dealt him now for a starter who is under their control until 2016; basically the Cubs traded a reliever who was about to hit the open market for a guy who instantly fights with Randy Wells for the title of best young Cubs starter. I like the deal, and I think it’s better than anything the new regime has done yet – by a long shot. The Reds have shown a willingness to overpay to acquire their missing pieces via trade, I’m glad we took advantage of that. Perhaps they’re missing a left-fielder who hops when he catches a ball, has significantly lied about his age, and swings wildly at anything that might be mistaken by a blind person as a strike – because we’ve got one of those too!

Cubs sign right-handed David DeJesusReed Johnson returns to the Cubs in 2012. Reed bounced back from a sub-par 2010 (with the Dodgers) to be quite a productive fourth outfielder next year. Anything more I could say would just instigate a fight with all the DeJesus lovers; moving on…

Bulls v. Lakers – the highly anticipated Christmas Day game between these NBA juggernauts just got a lot less interesting. Kobe who is battling torn ligaments and a dissolving marriage will probably see a lot less action in the near future (on the court; not off). Meanwhile the Bulls have locked up superstar Derrick Rose virtually guaranteeing their relevance for the foreseeable future. No word if Rose had someone sign his contract for him.

Last minute shopping guide – in case you still haven’t figured out what to get that hard-to-buy-for relative, consider this suggestion from across the pond. Because honesty is the gift that can’t be returned for store credit.

  • Doug Bagley

    I’ll miss Sean on the team but I agree with JJ. I’m happy with this deal!

  • Norm

    Good trade.
    I can see Reed being the right handed version of DeJesus since they can both hit opposite handed pitching and struggle with same handed pitching.

  • Darin

    Ha! That is a great last minute gift idea 🙂

    As for the Sean Marshall trade, I like it and I think it shows Cubs management’s desire to try out some new faces around the team without committing too many resources. That is probably why we won’t see a Kuroda signing for the Cubs in the near future.

    Reed Johnson’s signing is just “eh” but he seems to enjoy being a Cub so at least he has that going for him.

  • Kurt

    Kobe will be getting plenty of action off the court….just not with Vanessa.

  • MJ

    Anytime someone that comes in and has to fight Randy Wells for the title of best young starter…..well, that just sucks.

  • Jedi

    MJ, I look at it now, Wells is actually older than Garza…so really Wood basically assumes that title from Casey Coleman upon his arrival. We don’t have a starter under 28 who is better than Casey Coleman, until yesterday. Yuck.

  • Dusty Baylor

    Derek Botelho..Reggie Patterson..Steve Wilson…Lance Dickson…a litany of young cub starting prospects.
    Anyone else nauseous?

  • MJ

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the Marshall trade, just to be deemed the best young starter and compare him to Randy Wells (who I do not care for), is pretty sad.
    I’m baffled with the Reed Johnson signing. What do we have now? Six outfielders? There must be a bigger move (Byrd back to the Rangers?) coming. I’m really hoping it’s Soriano, as I like Byrd. More for clubhouse presence than anything.

  • Clubhouse presence. And moxie.
    Any word on the other pieces to the trade?


    I like the Marshall trade.
    Kobe’s ex is just a gold digger. She waited until now to divorce bc she wants his money. He’ll have earned a quarter billion in salary from the incident to retirement.

  • Doc Raker

    Marrying and NBA player or having their baby is like hitting the lottery, how else can an uneducated unambitious woman live the high life. Marry an NBA star, put up with infidelities and abuse and cash in, Vanessa may be uneducated but she is no dummy. I am sure the fame and fortune is intoxicating but they pay a price with their soul for it.


    Speaking of the NBA, I watched the 2nd half of the Lakers-Clippers game last night. Blake Griffin. Wow. I knew he was a monster, but I didn’t know he was this beastly. He needs to be on Team America for the Olympics this summer. Along with Kobe, Wade, Rose, Durant, Howard, Odom, CP3, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook, Chandler, and a 3-point shooter. (Redd, Korver, Reddick, Allen, or Terry)


    There is no prenup, she will get half of his assets


    A-Rod’s wife left him even though there was a quarter billion in front of him bc they had a prenup. I guarantee that if there was no prenup, she would stay with him until retirement

  • Norm

    I’m counting 5 outfielders right now; Soriano, Byrd, DeJesus, Reed, and Campana….am I forgetting someone?



  • Norm

    I don’t think he starts the year on the big league team.

  • chris in illinois

    Regarding the trade, I……agree…..with….Jedi?

  • MJ

    Yeah, I was counting LaHair/Jackson as one.

  • Jedi

    It’s ok, there’ll be plenty of chances to disagree with me in the future. Just wait until we drag Pena back to be our first baseman…

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Don’t bother, Jedi–I already know I’m fat. I want an Xbox.

  • Seymour Butts

    Anybody notice the days are getting longer now?

  • Eddie Von White

    I did notice that, Seymour.


    Same, in fact I made it my facebook status yesterday

  • Jedi

    Jeremiah, I’ve got some scraps of cardboard that I could tape together. That’d technically be an ex-box right?

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Well played.

  • Buddy

    If Pena comes back, Doc may take his own life.

  • Doc Raker

    If Pena comes back at anywhere near $10M Theo’s Mensa card will be revoked.
    * 4 1/2 Norm when Campana is in the mix.

  • And Raker is awarded this weeks Swizzard ^