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December 2011




    For good sit-down Chicago style pizza: Giordanios

  • Berghoffs is a mandatory stop for me on every Chicago trip.

  • Buddy

    Not sure if it’s our absolute favorite, but Joe’s Steakhouse on E. Grand is near the top of the list.

  • Lizzie

    I should have added my own. I like the Grand Lux Cafe on Michigan Ave (except you have to enter on Ontario). Wait for a window seat, and get the beignets!

  • Haven’t been to Chicago since 2004-ish. I do remember smoking a cigarette while eating liver and onions at a restaurant near the Palmer House…not my healthiest of days. Gino’s East was good.
    I still count my first Hebrew National and Old Style at Wrigley as the best thing I’ve ever had. Period. Wonder if that is common with WGN Cubs fans…

  • Lizzie

    @jswanson Any activity on the “new arrival” front?

  • Running out of ideas Liz… we’ve been walking arouind the mall like the elderly, doing married people things, bouncing around in my pickup…no luck. Stubborn like her dad. Frank’s red hot hasn’t done the trick… we are considering doing sushi tonight (it has been 9mo) to see if wasabi gets her moving. Knock on wood…

  • Lizzie

    Hm. Is it cold there yet? Maybe she wants to wait for a nice strong blizzard. 🙂
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the wasabi instead!

  • Yawn…shoveled last night and this morning. Greetings from the Rockies. Just got seated at our sushi place…

  • It’s been a couple of years (ok, maybe 3 or 4) since we’ve eaten there, but we have eaten there on two different trips it was so good. But then, I do love italian.

    201 E. Grand (corner of N.St. Clair St.)

  • If you’re in Rosemont, Maria’s Mexican Restaurant is excellent. We’ve eaten there on several occasions. (Though it has now been a year or so). It is just south of the Rosemont Theater at 9440 W Foster Ave.

  • Oh, and Happy New Year to everyone!

  • CubbieDude

    Since the parameters of our survey state Chicago “area”, I’ll vote for “Wildfire” in Schaumburg, a “Lettuce Entertain You” restaurant. I’ve been there numerous times over the past few months. They always take good care of us. We’ve never been disappointed.

    jswanson: I recommend Mexican food – heavy on the salsa – for breaking up the logjam. By the way, I once enjoyed a Hebrew National Salami that was shipped to me in Saudi Arabia. I thought it was great, although the ambience of the room itself might have had something to do with my enjoyment. No liquor was allowed in the Kingdom at that time.

    Lizzie: I made the meatloaf and potatoes. My wife approved of the final result, saying that I am now a “gourmet chef” in her opinion.


    If we are going to go Chicago area, then I will say Wholly Frijoles in Skokie. Delicious Mexican. If you want good Chinese, Tokyo & Beijing or Tsing Tao, both in Wilmette. The owner of Tsing Tao is a Cubs fan, he knows Tom Ricketts

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    I’ll give Gino’s East the slight edge over Uno’s (and Due’s) for Chicago-style pizza downtown. I think it’s the (optional) patty of Italian sausage that does it. Try it if you haven’t–it’s crazy good.

    Also had a couple hole-in-the-wall burger/dog/Italian beef places I loved just off Chicago Ave.–Mr. G’s and Mr. J’s. Both places were institutions, open for decades. Seriously, my dad used to go to these joints almost forty years ago. I went back a few years ago and walked up to where G’s had been to find an Asian-fusion place. I was so devastated I involuntarily sat down on the curb. As far as I know, J’s is still open–on State, just north of Chicago.

    And for a step above that but along those same lines, I’ve never had a bad meal at Portillo’s, and I’ve had plenty.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Lizzie, I went to Grand Lux once, and was very surprised when it lived up to the considerable hype that preceded it. Good call.

  • Joe


    I totally forgot about Mr. G’s and Mr. J’s. Both were good. Loved to get a dog with mustard, crout, and relish with cheese fries and a root beer.

    As far as my picks, I’ll go with some that are close to my local neighborhood.

    Zia’s Trattoria – I used to valet park for them when they first opened. Outstanding Italian food. They’re on NW Highway in Edison Park

    Nick’s Gyro’s – We go to the spot on Harlem and Touhy. Evey time I vist, I gotta go there.

    Dapper’s Restaurant (Now Defunct) They were on Cumberland and Foster and had THE BEST Rueben sandwhich I’ve ever eaten. It came with Fries, a pickle and SOUP for like $7. It was open faced and piled with corn beef on both sides. It was basically two sandwiches on one plate.

  • Seymour chooses Subway. No baby yet.

  • CubbieDude

    Joe, et al:
    Across NW Hwy from Zia’s (“Auntie’s”) and down (SE) a few doors is Elliot’s Seafood Grille and Chop House. Outstanding!
    The CubbieDude gives Elliot’s 2 thumbs up!

  • CubbieDude
  • Doc Raker

    I grew up going to Uno’s and Due’s, Sausage pizza is the way to go. Al’s or Mr Beef Italian Beef with hot peppers. Didn’t Berghoff’s close? What a shame, great place. Don’t know if it isa still there but Italian Village was always good, liked the place in the basement, La Cantina? Made a good Carbonara. Greek town was always a favorite also. So many great places.

  • Norm

    Chicago style pizza: The Art of Pizza
    Ribs: Smoque
    Those two places should be takeout only; aren’t much for dining in.
    Steak: Tango Sur. $24 for El Filet = TWO filets and garlic mashed potatoes (BYOB).

    Also a favorite, coffee; Asado Coffee on Irving just west of Southport.

  • Seymour Butts

    Is the Pickel Barrel still open in Old Town? Is Old Town still there?
    Yes any Subway will do fine.

  • Buddy

    We like Bin 36 quite a bit, too.

  • flyslinger2

    I’ve only eaten at Gino’s the few times when I was in Chicago. Amazing pizza. Pizza here on the east coast sux. NYC style is nasty as is Philly. No one here in the DC area has a clue what real pizza is like. Then the chains: Dominos, Pizza Smut and Pap Johns are like tilting your head back, having someone jam a thick hose down your gullet and getting it pumped full of battery acid and chalk. Blech.
    Have I told you about my grilled pizza’s?

  • flyslinger2

    That’s why you don’t drive, you take the L

  • Ditto for Disney. Parking near Space Mountain costs a fortune…better off taking the monorail or teacups.


    Well I get a parking spot since I am working there. I will look into other means of transit to other parts of the facility though

  • MJ

    Superdawg on Milwaukee Ave (Chicago, or the new Wheeling location). It’s a must stop. Up by us, Firkin in Libertyville is awesome, as is Bulldogs in Wauconda.