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December 2011



Late Morning News: Tebow, Fielder, Darvish, and a little woman

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A little behind the scenes here at VFTB. For those of us on the West Coast, the “Morning News” gets done the night before because waking up in the pre-dawn hours to post an attempt at cogent thoughts on current events doesn’t typically work well. So when I logged on this morning to see the VFTB Morning News, I was disappointed to see someone had dropped the ball – even more disappointed to see that someone was me.

Suspensions for Tebowing – some high school kids from Long Island, NY have been suspended for Tebowing in the hallway before class. This story plus the recent inferences that Tim Tebow is romantically involved with Olympian Lindsey Vonn make me wonder how surreal Tebow’s life must be, daily. Remember, just 5 short years ago (2006) this guy was a homeschooler trying to find his way at a major university while also playing college football at the highest level. Now he is the pinnacle of pop culture.

Cubs are the favorites for Fielderaccording to Ken Rosenthal and his terrible bow tie. I still find it hard to believe that Pujols gets 10 years and Fielder will only get 6 or 7 (as Rosenthal reports). But if that’s the way it ends, 6 or maybe 7 years of Fielder wouldn’t be terrible (depending on the money). It’d be a Soriano-like deal, but Fielder is significantly younger than Soriano when the Cubs signed him. We might have a couple of weeks before Fielder signs with anyone, so this is probably far from over.

Blue Jays win rights to Darvish, reportedly – several sources are reporting that Toronto has won the rights to sign Yu Darvish. His cartoonish stats might be worth the risk for a good team. The Cubs need more than a single pitcher (or single position player, which is why it’s also fine with me if we come up short on Fielder).

The world’s smallest woman. Link

  • Doc Raker

    That’s our public school system, boys can wear their pants down to their knees, girls can dress like hookers and speaking proper English ain’t no prerequisite but don’t pray, praying is offensive.

  • Doc Raker

    I don’t want Fielder, he is so out of shape and one dimensional when he goes bad he will be useless and that neck tattoo is hideously ugly. He should play in San Francisco were his vegetarian granola crunching ways will be appreciated.

  • Noah

    Raker, I don’t think it was about praying. From what I’ve read and seen (albeit very briefly) there was likely a combination of two things: (1) the athletes at the school thought it was funny, and (2) they were trying to emulate Tebow, not specifically “pray.” If you look at the video, you can see they were blocking the hallways and making it very difficult for students to pass. Even if it was about prayer, it doesn’t give the students the right to block the hallway. Let me put it this way: should a Muslim student be allowed to kneel in the middle of a school’s hallway, face east, and block the rest of students movement?

    With that said, I agree with you on the dress code. I do know many of the public schools in the Chicago area have instituted at least minimal dress codes in recent years, but I don’t know either how successful those codes have been or how pervasive those codes are, especially in other areas.

  • Suffice to say they would have been suspended for Heisman-ing as well. Or planking. Or doing anything else stupid. Watch the video…they were just being dipshit kids. Dress codes aren’t needed. The shame in looking back at one’s photos from high school is punishment enough.


    I also read that it was because they were blocking the hallways. I don’t think dress codes are needed, who cares if some parents have a cow over the way teens dress? Your parents probably didn’t like the things you wore when you were teens. I will admit however, I never had to deal with that crap, because as a guy, I would dress the same every way: T-shirts, jeans (shorts in the summer), and gym shoes. My mom told me at one point senior year in high school, all my shirts were either Cubs or swimming.

  • Seymour Butts

    Plenty of kids prey in school, mostly around test time. The issue was blocking the halls. The jocks who started it were making fun of Tebowing, so I have no issue with it.
    Dress codes are just oppression by the man. Let the imbeciles wear their pants around their mid thigh, it makes them easy for the fat mall cops to catch.

  • Buddy

    Swanson and Seymour nailed it. Ditto their comments. As far as Fielder goes, I’d be interested for five years or less. Anything beyond that would be out of my comfort zone.

  • Eddie Von White

    To each his own – I do my best work and have my most cogent thoughts in the pre-dawn hours.

    While I like the excitement surrounding Yu I’m afraid it’s mostly media hype and I think disaapointment awaits the team that signs him.

    I agree with Raker on Fielder.

    I agree with Seymour on preying in school – those impressionable little minds are open prey for the predator “educators.”


    If we sign Fielder I will explode. Just say no to obese vegetarians.

  • Buddy

    In case you actually explode, it’s been nice knowing you.


    Or we could revive Bart-toon Presentations in association with ¡Ay, caramba! Entertainment and turn it into the sequel to Angry Dad, with angry fan.

  • Smokie

    Just saw that Chris Robinson has signed with the Texas Rangers. Would not be surprised if Blake Lalli is not in the middle of the backup catcher’s position with Clevenger & Castillo.

  • Bryan

    When referring to the Tebow-ing story, it is VITAL that you correctly type “pray” instead of “prey.” “Preying” in school is never okay….

  • (sea predators exempt)

  • Seymour Butts

    Actually not a typo… more of a commentary


    Word on the street says the winning bid is going to be higher than Matsuzaki’s bid:

  • Mr. David M. Beyer

    Thank you, Seymour. You beat me to it. Ditto.


    Well looks like Texas wins the rights to negotiate, with the highest posting fee ever, 51.7M. Looks like I was right, it’s going to take 9 figures to get him.