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December 2011



Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, Alfonso Soriano Rumors

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Crazy Pujols Offer – Twitter was wide open yesterday with news that three teams had offered big money to Pujols over big years. I don’t know if the Cubs are one of them or if this will even be up to date when it goes live on the blog tomorrow morning. What I do know is that if I have to sign Pujols for 10 years, I’m having a hard time finding the right reaction. On one side of the argument, you have the fact that the Marlins appear to be following the blueprint that won them the World Series in 1997 when they purchased the players to win and then promptly had a fire sale to scrap just about everyone on the roster. While I don’t believe it’s the best way to build a long term successful team, it sure would be nice to see a World Series in Chicago just once. I’d be OK if the Cubs won it all and never had a winning season again for as long as I live. Then again, I’d probably quit blogging.

Cubs in on Fielder? – Ken Rosenthal tweeted “Sources: #Cubs’ interest in Fielder is on shorter deal, not eight or nine years. Would pay high dollars in exchange for shorter term.” Personally, I’d rather have Fielder and I can’t understand why more teams don’t offer silly money on short term deals. Players would be all for it because it gets them to free agency again and it gets teams less long term commitment. Think about it. At this point, we’re talking about eating Soriano money to move him. Wouldn’t that problem have been solved had we offered more money, but less years to Soriano? If we’re gonna pay it anyway, why not have more flexibility? Which leads to the next note.

We’re trying to dump Soriano on the Orioles – When I read this story, I came up with two reactions. First, if the Orioles are stupid enough to take Soriano then they deserve to be in the AL East and get their tail kicked year in and year out. Did they not learn their lesson in the Sammy Sosa deal. What happened to fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me? Second thing that came to mind was the fact that I wonder if Theo remembers that Andy MacPhail is not there anymore. One of the main reasons for the pawning of former Cubs was the presence of MacPhail. He’s not there anymore so they may be wise to us.


  • Dale Sveum is completely drunk on Cubs kool-aid and it’s only December. (Source)
  • The NHL is playing Boggle with their teams and shakin’ em up. (Source)
  • Illinois Fighting Illini play tonight against St. Bonaventure in their first game since cracking the top 25.

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Another look into the iPod brings a video that features one of my guilty crushes, Mena Suvari. It’s a a fun song by Wheetus that also features Jason Biggs in the video. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Buddy

    According to, the Orioles have already stated that they have absolutely no interest in Soriano.

  • Eddie Von White

    Crazy – I agree, it looks like the Marlins are trying to put together a short term winner and then do the fire sale thing – Why not? – They only have about 12 people in the stands anyway until they get into the WS. I doubt if a new stadium is going to help much.

    Fielder – Take him or leave him is my opinion, but I like the idea of shorter term contracts for big money. I’m going to dump my agent and hire Joe.

    Soriano – whatever.

    i-Pod – Oh my! I bought my 16 year old son one of those flannel-type hats with the big fuzzy forehead thingy and ear flaps a few weeks ago. What does that mean?


    I think the Marlins will continue spending to keep those asses in the seats. A new park can only brings the fans in for a year or 2.

  • Doc Raker

    Dont forget Korey Patterson, Felix Pie and Rich Hill to the Orioles also. Speaking of Rich Hill we know have a spot for him in the rotation.
    * Define offer ‘silly money’ for a shorter term. $20M per isn’t silly money, $10M per isn’t silly money, it is all silly money to me. The problem with your theory of offering more money for a shorter term is all the contracts are such silly money that the moment you offer a player ‘more’ for a shorter term the ‘more’ becomes the standard for that type of player. The market is set on precedent and if team A over pays then team B has to over pay, it is inflationary and the last thing baseball needs is more inflation in their payroll.

  • Doc Raker

    I meant, Speaking of Rich Hill we now have a spot for him in the rotation.

  • gymjok

    Ive been trying to think of a way the cubs might be able to move soriano
    the teams that might need a left fielder or DH
    (giants tigers Os As Ms rays jays) dont seem to have interest or the money
    which means the cubs would have to pay much more than half his salary
    the other way would be to swap for another bad contract(maybe zito-could be done if both waived their no trade and got creative with the 8 mil salary difference)
    if these were your 3 choices which would you pick

    1) trade him paying 42 to 45mil over 3 years
    2) trade him for 2 years of zito(paying same 54 as sori)
    3) keep him for now

  • Seymour Butts

    I’m surprised the math guys haven’t pointed this out yet (maybe they have jobs).
    Paying more per year for less years is not an advantage over less per year for more years.
    Say The Cubs had offered Alf a 5 year deal at 27.2 mill per year. Same money as 8 years at 17 mill. Yes they would now be done with him, but it costs the same, and you have 3 less years of service if he were still playing well. If you trade him now, and eat 90% of what he is still owed, it would be like having paid him 26.2 mill per yr for those 5 yrs.
    This means his next 3 years of service only cost whatever team has him 5 million dollars! Half of what the savior just signed for.
    We should keep Soriano, because he is worth much more than that. QED.

  • flyslinger2

    Pujols-Is not in our best interest. I still stick by my original formula of not offering longer then 3 year contracts to anyone until the organization can be gutted and restructured. The gutting has taken place on the management side and filled. Now they need eliminate, eat, or suffer through with the existing stupid contracts they are stuck with while they start their rebuilding process.
    Fielder-Does fit my contract mold. Get 2 to 3 years of production out of him while we build.
    Sorianos-Maybe we keep him ’cause we are paying for him anyways and find a utility position for him. Use him for 50% oof the season and the rest of the time give him a towel and have him wipe the seats for the fans as they walk into Wrigley.
    Sveum-Has to publicly communicate that he has knocked back several growlers full of the good stuff. He can’t send a wrong image or the press, fans, and Mrs. fly will be all over him. Well, maybe not Mrs. Fly, but everyone else.
    ipod-Christmas music only right now. Today was Manhattan Transfer, Michael W. Smith, and Nat King Cole.

  • Chuck

    How about offering Pujols a very front-loaded contract for 6 years or so? Something on the order of $35M year 1, $30M year 2, $25M year 3, $20M year 4 and $10M year 5 and 6. This way he gets paid the most when he is most likely to produce the most. He can say “I make the most money in MLB.” and the club gives him the best chance to earn his contract each year. Heck, I’d give him $10M for year 7 and 8 with a player option after year 4 so if he is doing great he can hit the market again and if he is terrible, he still gets paid.

  • gymjok

    beatles- manhattan transfer- nat king cole
    now youre singing my language

  • gymjok

    odds just went up hes back with the cards
    marlins dropped out- instead signing buehrle for 4 years

  • Buddy

    I think the only way the Cubs have a prayer of trading Soriano is in a “my expensive crap for your expensive crap” deal. Maybe to the Mets for Jason Bay or to the Mariners for Chone Figgins? Oh, and Jeff Buckley “Grace” is the album of the day in Buddy Land.

  • chris in illinois

    I’ll take Pujols for 10 years. In 2021 the Cub payroll will likely be north of 200 million so whatever his contract might be it won’t be the same percentage of the total payroll that some of you are envisioning. Hopefully the new management will build a farm system that can churn out 2-4 useful players per year that make a minimum of $$$ that will allow for signing guys we need and being able to absorb guys who are making more than their production merits toward the end of a given contract.
    I selfishly am rooting for Pujols because I want to watch him day in and day out and I rather see a Big Pujols contract than the crazy-ass Dodger way of giving mediocre players 2 year 8-11 million dollar deals…yuck.
    Latest Pujols rumor has Marlins out, but two other teams in besides the Birds…regardless of outcome should be interesting.

  • chris in illinois

    Oh, new Wilco album between baseball podcasts.

  • gymjok

    the giants are now full in the outfield so forget zito
    I dont think the mets would want soriano instead of bay
    figgins might work as the Ms need offense and the cubs have options with figgins as he can play multiple positions on defense

  • gymjok

    of course not at the same time 🙂

  • CubbieDude

    So Albert’s staying in St. Louis, Prince is staying in Milwaukee, and Alfonso is staying in Wrigleyville. Things would be worse.

    By the way, I enjoyed listening to Handel’s “Messiah” (as arranged by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) while I prepared din-din tonight. Easing into the Christmas season.