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December 2011



Morning News: A Little Luck, Old QBs, and Rich Uncle Pennybags

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The Heisman Nominees Are In – LSU CB Tyrann Mathieu, Alabama RB Trent Richardson, Stanford QB Andrew Luck, Baylor QB Robert Griffin III, and Wisconsin RB Montee Ball are the five finalists for this year’s Heisman.

Luck was awarded with the Unitas Award yesterday. The award goes to “the nation’s top quarterback who best exemplifies character and scholastic and athletic achievement.” That is a pretty legitimate award, if you ask me. No need for another award like the Heisman… right? Sure. Let’s give it somebody that hasn’t won an award this season yet.

An Old Man Wants to Play Football Again – a certain 42-year-old ex-quarterback may be interested in playing for the Bears if they inquired of him. Lovie is not sold on the idea, however. He likes his team as it is, even with Hanie at the wheel. Reports have been that McNabb could possibly be going there, too. Good grief! Quarterback careers go to Chicago to die. Since 1992 the Bears have had over 20 different starters. Just say no to Favre.

Miami Marlins – First of all – hideous logo. Who designed that, the owner’s 12 year old daughter? Secondly – How long have they been keeping Rich Uncle Pennybags locked up? They spend $100 million on Reyes and now $27 million on Heath Bell, plus they are rumored to be flirting with King Albert. Goodness gracious. Looks like they can pay people to wear those awful uniforms…

Today, I’m going to borrow Joe’s idea and give you…

A Look Into Katie’s iPod

Going through my iPod, I realized that 90% of the music on there is of the Country variety. This one in particular has two of my favorite things: Country music and baseball.

  • Buddy

    The Marlins are flushing money down the toilet. $100 million for a speed-based player with leg problems, and $27 million for a closer during an offseason when closers are growing on trees? No thanks.

  • Eddie Von White

    Heisman – I like Montee Ball because he is from Wisconsin. That was an awesome game last Saturday.

    Brett Favre needs to come to the realization that the game of football is bigger than he is and just go away.

    Marlins – They manage to put together a championship team every few years. That’s more than we can say.

    i-Pod – Going through my i-Pod I realized I don’t have an i-Pod but I have an awesome 8-track player.

  • Chuck

    RE Heisman: I have little to no interest in an award that will just be taken away a few years from now because of recruiting violations. NCAA football is a joke. I could go on a diatribe about the hipocracy and corruption in college sports, but I choose not to.
    RE Farve: He is washed up. Period. Nothing to see here. Move along.
    RE Marlins: The Marlins have a history of spending big when they think they have a chance of winning it all and going ultra-cheap when they don’t. Maybe they think they are a piece or two away?
    RE iPod: Looking into my iPod you can clearly see that I fell of the cultural bandwagon sometime in the late 90s.

  • Doc Raker

    The Marlins are trying to make a splash for their new stadium which I hope looks nicer than those goofy uniforms. They need to pay players millions in order to wear those uniforms.

  • Norm

    I like what the Marlins are doing. Reyes won’t be worth it in the last year or two, but that’s usually how it goes with FA’s. If you want a star, you have to pay.

  • flyslinger2

    Heisman-Luck. He beat my Irish but he is still good. And yes, even if he isn’t directly involved with something at his school, his school is still guilty of something because they all are chasing the big bux, bowl games and girls in short skirts.
    Old man-First age is a state of mind, unless you are a washed up NFL quarterback like McFlabb. Then you are still as bad as the day that you started your NFL career. Favre WAS good but he needs to go hunting or something. I’m 51 and I feel like I’m 17. Until my three young sons start tearing into me!
    Marlins-Money is relative. Relative to winning. In combination with executives that know how to make a wise investment. Ask Corzine if he agrees with me.
    It looks like Katie is wasting amazing technology on country music. Just this morning I had to look up who shania twain was because she is on Michael Buble’s latest CD singing a duet with him. C&W music is listened to best when you have emptied several quart jars of white lightening and hold theup to your head.

  • Seymour Butts

    *Heisman- who cares. No national championship makes college FB not all that interesting.
    *Sign Favre. I would love to get another chance to beat him up for christmas. I say I, as I am now part owner of the Green Bay Packers. As of this morning I own 1 share. Not sure why ESPN hasn’t called yet for my thoughts on our upcoming game.
    *Sound like the Cubs also made an offer to Phat Albert. I hope is was not 10 years.Unless it’s 10 years at $8 million a year.
    *Any body else have the Beatles on their ipod?


    Heisman – It should go to Luck. I think he is the best player in college football this year. Monte Ball is overrated IMO, because a lot of his scores are goal line scores, and he has a monstrous offensive line.
    Grandpa Favre – Let the Bears sign him. They’re still as big of a joke as the Illinois government. I can see it already: Xmas day, game tied, 10 seconds left in the 4th. Bears in FG range. Packers perfect season and the NFC title are on the line. Favre takes the snap, rolls right, and throws it right into the hands of AJ Hawk, who runs down to the Bears 30, jukes a defender, down inside the 10, one man to beat, Clay Matthews PULVERIZES Favre, Hawks takes it back to the house for the game-winning interception return TD, and Favre’s career is over for good.
    I do think Favre will be like Flutie and Testaverde for a few years, come out of retirement mid-season to help (or more likely harm) a team
    Marlins – Loria is an art dealer by trade. I bet he did it. If so, then he is as lousy of an artist as he is owner. The Marlins are banking on all this extra cash from their new stadium. They suckered Miami-Dade county in giving them a half-billion to build the stadium, and now the SEC (that’s the Securities and Exchange Commission for all you football loving rednecks) is looking into it. No one down there cares about baseball anyways. It’s all old people who have come from the north for retirement, and a lot of them are snowbirds, they go back north in the summer.

  • Lizzie

    Congratulations on your ownership, Seymour. I considered investing myself, but couldn’t find where my purchase would include Dinner with Aaron (or you for that matter) so I had to pass for now. If you get a chance to dine with Mr. Rodgers please send my regards.

  • Randy

    On the Heisman, RG3 is really the only person who can make a legitimate claim to it. Difficult schedule, signature wins, stats (on land and by air), he is easily the best player in the NCAA Luck’s numbers are not there in comparison to other quarterbacks, and he was in a weak conference. Honeybadger? Umm no, he cannot take what he wants. Ball and Richardson are interchangeable with just about any top 20 back. They’re very good, but put any top 20 back in those offenses and you’ll get comparable numbers.
    I’d love to see the Bears pick up the old man, especially since my Broncos play them next week. Von Miller would love to meet him, up close and personal.
    Ahh another Marlin’s bubble! Personally, I approve, because the fire sales afterwards are always entertaining.

  • Buddy

    Regarding Reyes, I’m just not a big fan. His career onbase is .341. Good player, but not a star. Bell is certainly a fine relief pitcher, but 1) I would never overpay for a closer, and 2) I certainly wouldn’t do it this offseason. Here’s a quick list of available closers and former closers (off the top of my head–if somebody signed today, I missed it): Cordero, Farnsworth, Francisco, Frasor, Lidge, Madson, Qualls, Rauch, Rodney, and K-Rod. Plus, Bailey and Street are on the trading block.

  • Norm

    Thats true Buddy, but I cut him slack on his first three seasons when he was still learning and other players his age were still in the minors. He doubled his walk rate and has been an 815 OPS SS ever since.
    When healthy, thats a star IMO.

  • Buddy

    You can take Francisco off the list.

  • There’s talk of the Marlins & Cubs getting together of a trade of 1B Gaby Sanchez in the event the Marlins signed Pujols.

  • Doc Raker

    Let the Marlins sign Pujols and trade Soriano for Gaby Sanchez, the Marlins seem to be able to afford it all.


    I like Doc’s idea a lot. They should also take Bozo the Clown

  • Buddy

    Why stop there? The Marlins should also pay the Cubs utility bills, pick up their mail, mow the field, and clean the bathrooms.


    They should also pay off the purchase of the team and finance the renovation of Wrigley