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December 2011



Chris Bosio, Alfonso Soriano, and a Really Old Japanese Pitcher Walk Into a Bar

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Chris Bosio has accepted Dale Sveum’s offer to become the Cubs’ next pitching coach, replacing Mark Riggins. – Does it make you nervous that since losing Larry Rothschild, considered by many as one of the best in the game, we employ two straight limited experience guys to handle the staff? Last year it was clear that Mark Riggins brought very little to the table aside from the awesome mustache. People had mixed feelings on Rothschild, but I just didn’t feel the same way about the staff once he left. I’m gonna give Bosio a chance, but if it were up to me, I would have touched base with Dave Duncan to see if he would have been open to coming over now that LaRussa is gone.

Soriano can go, but ONLY if you’re willing to pay half price. – Gordon Wittenmeyer posted “Look for the Cubs to pick up more than half of Soriano’s remaining $54 million commitment (three years) if they can find a taker for the likable, glove-challenged outfielder who still has some pop to offer.” I don’t think that will do it. The Cubs are going to have to eat more than that if they want anything of value in return. I’d love to see them be willing to eat the full contract, but get a decent prospect in return.

How does a 36 year old Japanese man sound for the rotation? – If you like the ring that has, then may I introduce you to Hiroki Kuroda. Theo has expressed interest in the free agent starter as we head into the winter meetings. Kuroda registered an impresive 3.07 ERA and 1.21 WHIP in 32 starts in 2011 for Los Angeles, striking out 161 batters and issuing only 49 walks over 202 total innings.

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  • Jim Riggleman has accepted a position to manage the Reds AA affiliate, Pensacola – (Source)
  • The Marlins have offered over $110 million to Jose Reyes – (Source)
  • Tiger Woods won his first tournament in over two years.
  • Sources are reporting that Manny Ramirez is in the process of filing papers to return to MLB after serving his 50 game suspension.


Now that Mrs VFTB and I have three kids, perhaps I should give this guy a call:


I have an embarrassing secret to admit to. This song scares the crap out of me. I have this wicked fear of Godzilla. I remember having a viewmaster when I was a kid and one of the slides I had was a Godzilla one. There was a particular scene on it that showed a monstrously large Godzilla picking up a ship that looked so small in his hand. That scared the crap out of me and forever scarred my ability to think about Godzilla. I love this song, but the Godzilla screams still make me cringe.

  • RSG

    Hiroki Kuroda is Japanese.

  • lizzie

    It would be so much more fun to profile them without asking. Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  • Buddy

    Even though he’ll be 37 in February, Kuroda on a one-year deal wouldn’t bother me.

  • Doug Bagley

    Rooting for Tebow and Tiger at the same time yesterday felt so wrong, it felt so right!

  • Katie

    Mark Riggins’ mustache was the finest display of facial hair we’ve had on the team since Matt Clement’s goatee. We should probably start looking for someone to fill the fumanchu sized hole on the team…

  • lizzie

    I couldn’t look at Riggins without thinking of the bacon-neck guy on the Michael Jordan t-shirt commercials.
    And those long-haired-no-mustache goatees aka Clement, Garza, Reed Johnson among others are a pet peeve of mine. Apologies to anyone here who wears one. But I hate them. I’d tell you what I think they look like but it’s crude so you’ll have to use your imagination.

  • Doc Raker

    What makes Soriano ‘likable’?
    Considering the Austin Powers procedure so you can shag without consequences Joe? I recommend it, it is painless an easy. After I had mine I got my car washed and went to lunch, of course the Valium, vicodin and 4 advil helped but everything is shagoriffic now.

  • Dusty Baylor

    @ Lizzie…BWAAHAAAHAAA!!!!

  • Eddie Von White

    Joe – By my calculation you still have 3 empty seats in your mini-van. What’s the rush?

  • Eddie Von White

    Oh- I forgot, your wife will take a seat too. That leaves 2 empty seats.

  • Dusty Baylor

    Santo makes the HOF. Couldn’t give it to him while he was alive huh…. Congrats Ronnie!

  • RichF

    Why does Ramirez’s suspension drop to only 50 games? It was 100 when he decided to retire.

  • Josh

    @Lizzie Then how would you find out your information?

    (Don’t answer that)

  • Chuck

    RE Pitching Coach: I have no comment because any MLB pitching coach can walk up to me and smack me in the face and I could not tell you who they are.
    RE Soriano: If any team is willing to take him for a bag of chips and pay half of his salary Theo should agree immediately and wait to say “sucker” until he hangs up the phone. Soriano produces at a level equal to 1/3 of his salary so only paying half is a deal.
    RE Kuroda: I like Kuroda. He is quietly productive and durable. He is not an ace and there is the chance that he will turn into a pumpkin due to advanced age and his results were ballpark inflated, but a 1 or 2 year deal at a reasonable price is a good calculated risk. As a bonus, he has been a mainstay of my fantasy baseball teams for years.
    RE Minor Notes: I would be tempted to top that offer to Reyes and move Castro to 2B. Reyes would be the prototypical leadoff guy the Cubs have needed since the cretaceous period and he plays good D to boot. 6 years for $106M works out to $17.66M per year. I don’t think this comes with any more risk than Phat Albert or Fielder.
    RE Surgical Procedure: My wife had her tubes tied with the last C-Section so no issues here. We have 3 boys and that is more than enough.
    RE Irrational Fears: Don’t feel bad. I become a sissy boy when spiders are involved. I have been told that I have inhuman pain and stress thresholds, but I become a sniveling girly-man when confronted to creatures with more than six legs. I don’t know why, but it is what it is. Arachnids are my kryptonite.

  • Dusty Baylor

    I’d agree on Reyes, except he is much more injury prone than Fielder or Pujols.

  • MJ

    Ronnie is in. Naturally the vets had to vote him in, because sports writers are idiots.


    RE Ronnie: I guarantee that if he was still alive, he would not have gotten in today. I am going to spit on the HOF when I visit for not voting him in alive.
    Re Kids: When did you and your wife have your 2nd kid? I always thought you only had 1?
    Re Soriano: Any amount of money we save getting rid of him is better than paying him 54 to be with us.

  • flyslinger2

    Pitching coach…yawn.
    Jap Pitcher…as long as he has good taste in sushi and can pitch to his contract, who cares.
    Surgical procedure…Mrs. Fly threatened me with that when I was self-employed. I said I would do it but I was taking 3 months off for post-op recovery, physical therapy 🙂 and psychiatric help. I’m still a whole man.
    Fear…I’m afraid of Obama.

  • CubbieDude

    Godzilla doesn’t phase me, but Rodan still gives me the heebee-jeebees.