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December 2011




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Just keep chugging, just keep chugging, just keep chugging along! Sorry, just thought I would instill some motivation on this fine Sunday morning. And I’ll let the Wizzies do the talking today. Carry on.

The Wizzies

  • If I was king for a day, I’d change the HOF to the “Major League Baseball Museum,” so I could put in whoever and whatever I wanted.
  • The people in the Hall didn’t make mankind better, they aren’t on par with Thomas Edison, Jonas Salk, Louis Pasteur or Steven Jobs. The people in the Hall are on par with Homer Simpson, Gone with the Wind, KISS and other entertainers.
  • Vin Scully turned 369 years old (84) yesterday. Happy Birthday Vin. If only your one man booth didn’t bore me to sleep when the Cubs go west to LA.
  • I swear when I read Nickel that it was going to be Nickelback, then I was going to throw up.
  • But then again, is it not the job of the parents to embarrass their children in public?
  • I guess this effectively rules out Satan for a base coach position.
  • Three hoppers, two hoppers, lazy warning track shots, cans of corn… I can do it all. Good thing I’m penciled in the rotation.
  • I find it hilarious that people still find OBP overrated. I wonder how long it took people to believe the Earth was round instead of flat.
  • Still room available Lizzie, hop aboard the Glendale Cubs sponsored by Advil.
  • Buddy’s heater is flat and Raker is due for a TJ surgery. A few towel workouts and I’ll have that #2 spot locked down in no time.
  • Fielder will have a gall bladder attack when he falls of the veggie bandwagon at Ditka’s Steak house before Memorial Day if he signs with the Cubs.
  • I would take them in a can. I would take them in a van. I would take them in a car. I would take them in a bar.
  • That picture of Kim DeJesus, it’s really Lizzie, Wizzie, Katie or Norm isn’t it?
  • I think Spellcheck did well…in low leverage situations.

Top Wizzie Contributors

Doc Raker-48




Seymour Butts-24

Doug S.-22




Eddie Von White-12

Dusty Baylor-12

Question of the Week

With the hopeful influx of new players for 2012, will the Cubs ever become a homerun hitting team again?

  • Buddy

    Ever? yes. Next year? Probably not.


    Once this management can get their guys in this yes, they absolutely will. 2012 not so sure about.

  • Chuck

    Lizzie digs the long ball…

  • lizzie

    You have a point there Chuck. 😉